1. I have been looking for a great video on weight watcher approved protein bars. Thank you so much. I am a newbie. I have been snacking the Atkins protein bars and the Indulge. They taste so good but my son says to find something else.

  2. I do the same Rx Bar method. I just create "recipes" for each bar. Where does the extra point for the Maple one come from? I got 4 points for the nuts, not 5. I know it has maple water, but that's only a point for a full cup and it seems excessive to have that much maple water in a tiny bar. (I will admit, tracking the pecans was a pain, so maybe that's where we differ).

    Dark chocolate sea salt and maple sea salt are my top favorites.

  3. I actually bought several flavors because you liked the Quest Bars-but I had to throw them all in the trash to my taste buds they were just , nasty. My favorite so far, RXbars

  4. I just bought some of the RX bars and these are amazing! When I walked into my local health food store they were on sale so I bought all three flavors! I highly recommend these. They are seven points on the freestyle through weight watchers but they are so good!!!

  5. Just ordered the Rx bars! I’m excited to try them! They have the maple sea salt on amazon for $25.99 for a box of 12!! Just in case you didn’t know!! New subscriber & l ❤️ your videos!!!!

  6. Hello from Arizona my friend. I remember first introducing you to the no cow bar and you hating it. LOL Where has the time gone? Yes RX bars are also a new love for me. I have to try the chocolate mint.

  7. Until I joined weight watchers are use glue Serna bars because I'm a diabetic they come in to 3 inch metal bars they have more protein than anything else except what you eat and they have fiber and they are only for smart points I saw all of them just some varieties better than others

  8. I cannot tell you how much time I've wasted in the grocery scanning numerous protein bars only to leave without anything….thank you for enlightening me on your way of thinking, your past video….makes total sense!  I ordered the RX bars the sample box for $20, cannot wait to receive it!

  9. Holy Moly! I have been on freestyle since January and since January I’ve been trying to work this protein bar dilemma!! Thank you so much for doing all this work for me! I have totally been to bar isles scanning protein bars and given up and left empty handed!! I’m going to try all of the bars you recommend! Thank you, thank you!!

  10. Have you tried the ONE bars they have one in the glazed donut flavor I take it on weigh in day it is soooo good they go for 5 some are 6 points I don’t eat that many bars but you might want to look into them I get them at Trader Joe’s and Publix thanks for the video I think I’ll order a sample pack with spring break coming up. Let me know if you try the others out

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