1. Wow you are so but so amazing and strong guy to and you put a lot of effort to different kind of things I wish there were guys like you enjoying what there doing on there work good job 👍👍👍👍 thumbs up my friend

  2. people y'all better take notes from this young gentleman, so if Trump close everything down, and you lose your home, y'all young people better know how to suvile through this great depression, I born in the 50's and i know how and what to do, when my wash machine went out on me, I went to my Cousin to wash clothes after that one time, I say to myself, I will not take clothes up and down the road, like this, than I went to the laundry mat, that's cost money, so i wash my clothes on my hand's and my son wash his to and we put them in our dryer I hang the dress prince's on hanger so they coulda drip dry over the bath tub, I teach my kid's how to do thing's with their hand's, I'm gonna invest in me some wash ruby's so if my machine mess up, I can wash clothes in my tub, as long as I got runing water in the hoouse, I wish i know someone who can put a pump up on the outside, i will have that to just in case,

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