TRYING VEGAN FAST FOOD *We're not vegan*

TRYING VEGAN FAST FOOD *We’re not vegan* Hey guys!! hope you enjoy todays video!! we are currently trying to upload 5 times a week on this channel so …


  1. Just want to comment before anyone gets upset because they think this video is being negative about veganism. That is NOT us and we would never create a video like that for starters! This is just simply a video trying vegan foods as non vegans as we were curious about what they had to offer as veganism has been growing – which is great! The puke emoji is not an attack on veganism it’s just that some of the food didn’t taste good! We would never mean to offend anyone, our videos are for fun and entertainment and we hope you enjoy!! Love you all and thank you for all your love always xxxxxx

  2. Dont be discoruged trying vegan food. There are sooo much beter options for example if u ever come to sweden again u need to try Max and their vegan nuggets or mcdonlads vegan hamburger (its not like the one in the uk) loved the video!

  3. Oh man, you really missed out not getting the spicy veggie wrap from McDonald’s! It’s my all time fave. I just wanna say I’m vegan and it’s so cool that you both tried some vegan options. Most people won’t and just turn their nose up without even trying anything so well done guys 🥰

  4. I'm vegan. I'd love a sausage roll — especially conveniently. Naught like that in America! No pasties or sausage rolls. And that pizza looked dire & plastic — so I understand. In general, vegan pizza that looks good will taste good. However, the best vegan bacon tends to look fake, weird or just not like bacon — so the opposite. 🙂

  5. I really love this! Being vegan myself I love seeing how open minded you both are! Was gunna say some dairy free cheese is actually discusting. I always found best ones are oil based (soya ones are 🤢)

    There is a cool vegan pub in London called horses and carriages. I recommend you guys to try it one time to try other vegan food xx
    Also idk if it’s in UK yet but dominos so have vegan range x

  6. I think the only difficult thing is when something vegan is trying to imitate something heavily animal product based, like it’s such a particular taste and texture that’s hard to recreate! When vegan food is just it’s own thing it can be sooooooo good and tasty 😋

  7. Hey you guys should try GREAZY VEGAN in Cardiff city centre! It’s in castle arcade… incredible mock ups of burgers from McDonald’s (The Big Mock), Burger King (Vopper) etc but I wouldn’t try the chicken options just the ‘beef’ ones!!! You’ll be SHOCKED at how much they taste like the real thing!! 😛

  8. There is a vegan wrap too in Mcdonalds so you obviously didn't do your research well enough..Greggs vegan sausage roll is lovely and is so much better for the body than processed meat that is a known cause of cancer, you need to try decent vegan food , i am vegan and i don't like a lot of the junk food! dairy and meat gives you clogged arteries and feeds cancers, you should have asked vegans where and what they liked as we don't eat twice at crappy places!!

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