1. I have a better way of getting rid of warts… take a nice long bath till your fingers start to wrinkle then it's much easier to remove it away. Worked for me before.

  2. I found that turmeric powder and Thin sliced garlic coverd by banana peel bandage- keeping it on 3 nights alternately I.e. one night on one night off makes it fall off end of the week.

  3. I accidentally stub my thumb with a dirty needle, and now i got a wart on my thumb and it hurts when i hit it. Especially when using my phone. I also stubbed my index toe and it hurts, and it got the wart, and ughh, it hurts so bad when it gets disturnbes by my toe….

  4. Story time about 2 years ago I had a whole cluster of warts on my hand and it was awful

    Eventually after treating it with 2 products my dad put ducked tap on it and it come off soon i cried because I had that cluster for a year and a half I but now I have warts again but I definitely recommend ducked tape

  5. The tape is so that you deny the Wart oxygen. Thing is air can still get under the tape. So i thought.."SUPERGLUE" its tight to the skin and quick n easy..BUT dont do what i did!! Because its clear liquid you cant really see it and so i got it all over my hand …then as i took a sip of coffee my hand got proper stuck to the MUG!! I could not get it off and had to go to ER…on the way ppl thought i was begging for money!! that was yesterday…so i will let you know if it works?

  6. Every couple days, light a match, blow it out after a few seconds, then hold it to the wart. It's the only thing that ever worked for me and stimulated my immune response to kill them. No joke, I had close 40 on my left foot and treating only a few of them caused all of them to disappear in a month

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