Instant Pot Mutton Biryani | Pressure Cooker LAMB Biryani

Quick Lamb Biryani in Instant pot: Ingredients and Direction: 1st Step: Marinate the Lamb Add 1 lb lamb in a mixing bowl Add ½ tsp Turmeric powder Add ½ tsp …


  1. Surely the lamb cannot be cooked thru properly at just 9 mins! Chicken takes longer than that in the instanpot. Even a lamb curry takes longer than that. It looks delicious and super easy but think I will cook the lamb first for 15-20 mins then natural release and then add rice and water after.

  2. Gillian Didier Serre, thank you for stopping by. we used the cup that comes with Instant pot for the measurement. if you don't have one , you can also use normal rice cooker measuring cup (Walmart has it). I bought a Biryani Masala from Indian grocery store but will make a homemade recipe and share with you soon. thanks again

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