Glam Hot Cocoa Station DIY | Christmas Decorating ideas | Christmas decorations Make Hot Cocoa

Throwing a Christmas party and looking for decoration ideas or for national hot chocolate day? My new hot cocoa station is sure to give you ideas to decorate …


  1. Would love to see a coco station for winter / Valentine’s Day. So happy I found your channel. Love your style and all I find is farmhouse style and not enough contemporary, glam styles.

  2. This is just fantastic. Love the beautiful layout, food, music and design aesthetic. How can I place you at the very top of my featured channels – seriously! A decorator after mine own heart. Keep these videos coming. Fan for life.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I love how pretty this is. Great ideas for making something cozy, but still sophisticated. You gave me some neat ideas for my style, which is a little in between your glamorous style and farmhouse adorable.

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