1. I did the ACV thing Dr. recommended.

    It did NOTHING but make my wallet lighter…NO effect on me what-so-ever on my "deiting" effort.

    Salad, I also tried but, all that did was make me gain weight from too much eating…no, it wasn't loaded with "junk" or "bad" dressing. Veggie carbs DO COUNT in my case.

    I gave up following his methods, none helped my keto effort.

  2. I love St. Albray…another stinky cheese. 🤣If cheeses doesn't smell…what's the point. No flavor. Tasteless cheeses are a blasphemy. Why bother!!!???? Blue, Gorgonzola, Swiss (the good stuff not the processed horror sold in most super markets), Parmesan, Romano, Ameribella, Epoisse, Gruyere, Vacherin Mont d'Or, and the list goes on. Cheddar is at the bottom of the taste list for me but it does have it's place.❤️

  3. Hi, I am rather new to Keto, and today is the first time I watched Dr Berg, I was wondering how is a person able to eat 8 or 9 servings of vegetables on Keto without going over the amount of carbs they have set for their age/gender/weight etc? thank you

  4. Never was obsessed with food till keto and i realized all the crappy yummy food i cant and wont eat anymore. Somehow makes it even more appealing🤔🤔🤔

  5. Xylitol is so bad, it will make you fart non stop. All those fake sugars will except for stevia. Also i do so much better when instead of a diet, i eat my regular toast, jam and butter in AM and grains in the afternoon.Meat would make me fatter. It would sit in the stomach for 12 hours, so only thing that i like about Dr.Berg diet and helps me digest meat is ACV. Took first time today, helps digestion. 37 yo mother of two, weight 120 lbs. Used to be 105 . I moved and stopped walking, started using car…avocados i love. But i would never eat so much bacon. Would make me fat super quick. It is all about how our body reacts to certain foods. I remember eating my usual toast butter and jam and in the evening after day on the beat, french fries with sweet and sour sauce, downed by beer and no problems whatsoever. Tried to eat more meat, less carbs- no bueno. Cheese and dairy except for milk-(designed to nurse calf or baby goat-no good) , fermented-cheese, yogurt-butter, cream- great…Raw goat milk from the farm here in US, only drank half cup a day, starting slowly, grew my boobs 2 sizes up instantly and so my butt and made my intestines wiggle, all the hormones, even if it is organic, it is designed to nurse baby goat, i breastfed 2 of my kids and they were incredibly chunky sustaining just on milk. All the hormones sip through to insure weight gain of the calf. So milk is no good unless one need to gain weight.
    Almond and all nut butters, all good for me. Why i don't do well on "keto"/particulary meat. I know that cheese, like Limburger, smells like fine ass, lol. All in all, his diet sucks, no carbs, no fine wine…look at French and Italians. Baguette, pasta and everything drenched in oil or butter, downed by wine. My life. Been thin all my life, moved to US, stopped walking……thats how you gain weight

  6. I LOVE your channel! Knowledge,personable, hilarious! "Can I see butthole on camera??" HA HA SO SO SO much <3! I'm starting my own bakery, but HAVE to eat keto, so I'm incorporating the keto lifestyle into the baked goods — your videos are inspirational. Thank you.

  7. Hello I am new to keto I have been low carb for a year and have lost 165 pounds. My calorie intake was 1200 calories. Can i still, or should I , keep the calorie amount 1200. I am afraid to go higher because I dont want to gain any, infact I have another 50 to lose. Thanks for any advice

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