1. Might do the crock pot meal but not dairy free. I would make it safe fore me but I don't like that cream cheese. Plus my crock pot at my camp is that smallest one ever! Going through your videos to see what I can make for my brothers for the next 3-4 weeks when at camp.

  2. To me personally the costco chicken tastes like they brine it in salt water….thats the only way to keep it so juicy. They do have the best chicken …..cheap too!!!

  3. Hahaha!!! Moist doesn't bother me but it's true…some people just do not like that word! LOL!!! But you could say the chicken was JUICY!! I will have to try that salsa, it looks good. It was like a week of Costco dinners!! haha, I will not be trying that fish tho…bleh! 🍝

  4. I'm sorry but cooks and bakers use the word moist to describe things that can sometimes turn out dry if overcooked.
    Like chicken or turkey breast. Or brownies. Brownies should be moist, too.

    I think that people who are grossed out by the word moist, maybe have an issue with dirtying things up when they don't need to be.

  5. I have all the same groceries in my fridge lol. All looked so good! They have both French and English on the salad bag because they also sell that exact salad here in Canada. We have French/English on every single product we buy because we're a bilingual country 😊.

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