What I Eat in a Day (Pescatarian & Dairy Free)

What I eat in a day during Lent season since I vowed to give up meat and dairy 🙂 I’m still consuming seafood though so that is why I didn’t label this video as …


  1. The fact that you know salmon is not pronounced with the L yet you continue to make excuses for why you say it like that was enough to make me stop the video immediately.
    It's like telling somebody "hey I'm completely ignorant but I'm totally fine with that"…
    Sorry if that that may seem a little harsh but that's my biggest pet peeve.
    Trying to justify your ignorance is harder then correcting the behavior.

  2. Exactly what I’ve been doing. I had to choose between fish and meat. Somebody’s gotta suffer. At least is the lesser of two evils. Plus this diet can be done efectively for your whole life

  3. i'd really like to cut out dairy permanently from my life. i've already long given up meat, no problem for me, except for fish, so not all meat technically, but yeah. i still consume seafood, but i did actually cut milk out of my diet. even still, i consume cheese and products with dairy in them, but i'd really want to cut dairy out completely, period. if i can complete that i think my skin will get much better and i can better work on losing weight!

  4. this is my exact diet! (pesc and no dairy) i find it’s the perfect balance between vegan and “normal” eating for me. when i tried veganism it was almost impossible for me to feel full and i ended up with constant headaches!

  5. Wow l hope that you have thrown away your non stick pan by now because the non stick coating has long gone and you are now eating the chemicals that once coated the pan.
    I was so disturbed by your pan l could not watch any thing else

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