1. Cloud Cakes is one of my favorite places to eat deliciously yummy pastries! ^_^ Along with VG Pâtisserie which serves more of fine pastries, so different style but both yummy! The savory menu is good too. I also love Hank Pizza. I have to go back there. We have so many vegan places to eat now in Paris, it's great because France has been quite late for vegan stuff for years…
    Oh and that garlicky bread you made, OMG, I HAVE to do this, why did I never think about it before ?!?!

  2. Soooo jalous! I've just come back from France but because I've spent most of my time in a super small village, I could try such amazing patisseries! Next time I'm surely going to Paris ;D Anyways, as always I LOVED watching your video <3

  3. Hi, Olivia. Oh, Paris!!!
    I am Ina. My channel is about tasty and healthy nutrition. recipes are collected from different parts of the world.
    I really enjoy quality of content on your channel.
    I will appreciate that and looking forward for future collaboration.
    Would you want to add me to your featured channels in exchange of doing the same?

    Sincerely, Ina

  4. We are currently in South west France renting a little gite with a pool and we're pleasantly surprised seeing vegan products in intermache supermarket. But France is so expensive can't wait to go back to Poland in the spring loads of vegan options and so much cheaper!!!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing what you eat in a fun way. I have to be honest: i try to eat more vegan but have like ZERO inspiration when I'm in the kitchen. Noticed that eating less bread also makes me feel more energized.

  6. We were like…at the same place as you! Saw the footballer at Sacre Coeur too! Wasn't he amazing…such talent! We are sadly leaving tomorrow after being here for a week. Would have loved to have seen you here too😐

  7. How do you feel about the ads YouTube chooses to put on your videos? I seen some LGBT creators having anti-gay ads on their videos and then i come to yours, a mainly vegan channel, with ads of dairy products before your videos.

  8. Great video, thank you Olivia! I lived as a vegetarian (who didn't like cheese or milk) in France for a year back in the early 90s and everyone thought I was a strange English girl! ha ha! I generally lived on omelette-frites in restaurants and made my own veggie dishes in my little studio flat. I wonder how many of the vegan cafes and restaurants you showed here also do gluten free AND vegan options? I have coeliac disease so eating wheat isn't an option. I'd love to go to Paris again as we're only a short hop away in the Channel Islands but wonder how much takeaway and restaurant food I could really eat (apart from living on fruit, carrots and hummus!). Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much 🙂 xx

  9. I love Paris in August ❤️ I usually don’t cope well with cities, but with lots of people on La Vacance (I think that’s what they call it when they all leave Paris for the cooler countryside) it’s more quiet even if it is hot. The architecture is so beautiful and the views from the hill are amazing 😍 It’s great to see there are now vegan options as when I was last there a few years ago even vegetarian was a bit of a struggle! And I see that once again Alex was prepared to put his body on the line to make sure no food was wasted, an absolute hero 🤣 Hugs xx

  10. What, maison landemaine has vegan stuff?! Omg!! After all those years being vegan in Paris, there are still new options to discover! Thanks! For more pâtisseries, there is VG pâtisserie which is amazingly decadent. I recommend gentle gourmet, aujourd'hui demain (concept store), hot vog (amazing vegan hot dogs), maoz falafel (best falafel in Paris to me), 42 degrés (raw)… And checking out the vegan events going on using facebook before coming (brunch, smmmile vegan festival, veggie world, veggie pride, etc.).
    Also the sandwich chain Pomme de Pain has some amazing veggie options you can make vegan and the fake meat is incredible.

  11. I don’t know why, but I always thought it would be extremely difficult to find food as a vegan knowing the typical French cuisine; so I kind of hesitated on the idea of going to Paris. So cool to see you find food in Paris, now I NEED TO GO!

  12. How funny to see you in my city and in all those places I haunt 😀 But actually I didn't know about Maison Lendemaine, how awesome that I know now a bekery not to far from my place where I can get vegan pâtisseries! Thanks and bises de Paris!

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