Jack Daniel's Ribs | Smoked Ribs with Jack Daniel's Glaze Recipe on Pellet Grill

Jack Daniel’s Rib Recipe For more barbecue and grilling recipes visit: I don’t know if there is a better way to celebrate Labor Day than …


  1. Thanks To Jack Daniels Whisky ( A Black Man's Creation ). Those Ribs Should Have A Soul Flavor Thanks To That Blackman That Is The Author And Creator Of The Jack Daniels Whisky! Looks 👍

  2. I dont have a smoker. So I buy the Apple wood chips and soak them in water. Put them under my ribs for 2 hrs. Then wrap my ribs in foil for 1 hr. I make pork spare ribs they dont need all them hrs to cook. At the end I put Sweet baby Ray's with a shot of Jack on the sauce. For about 15 minutes. Did my first rack on July the Fourth. Thanks for your Awesome VIDEO. Your a great cook! Shawn

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