1. Hi Liezl, I just wanted to tell you what I know regarding some of the skincare that you talked about. First about retinol, the over the counter ones are not strong (it’s a different kind) versus prescription ones, you can use it daily. The other thing is when you buy creams like the Burt bees it’s advisable to buy creams that are in air tight containers and not exposed to air and light every time you open them.
    Looking forward to your other videos.

  2. The oil used in cooking is actually not molecularly small enough to hydrate our skin deep down, it just creates a layer on top. I’m a student esthetician and learning the importance of quality products. Yes you may not want to spend the money but professional skin care is definitely worth the investment!!

  3. All you need is a gentle soap and water to wash your face. Some oil helps gets off the eye makeup better. I just wash my face about two times and then apply desert essence jojoba oil and I go to bed and wake up to radiant beautiful soft smooth skin. Jojoba oil is the closest thing to our own natural oils. It does not clog. Everything I use is from trader Joe's. The chamomile lavender hand soap is great face wash. They also have their own face wash that actually cleans really well. You can buy the jojoba oil there or the avocado oil Liezl uses here is nice too.

  4. I loved this video and hope to see the rest of your budget friendly videos. So nice to find natural,tested, and inexpensive products. Just what I was looking for! I have been using the Burt's bees peach scrub for several years and love it too!

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