1. SO… my wife bought this and I found it not to my liking. However – I found a use for it's flavor in vegan sushi rolls. you roll this, sliced avocado, and julienned carrots into your roll. You can use a dressing (dipping sauce?) of Vegan mayo (JUST Mayo), Sriracha and sesame oil.

  2. at first I tried it with the oil it came with and I hated it. One day I just rinsed the oil off and prepared it with mustard and some other things and now it tastes amazing.

  3. omg< thank u for being real when something tastes like arse! u just saved me 7$. I've been eyeing that toona up for 6 months. chick pea salad on toast, amazing. keep up the solid vids.

  4. Thanks for your continuing 'taste test' videos. I would just like to add that while this brand may not be to everyone's taste, there are quite a few other brands out there, and another taste test might be worthwhile. I, too, enjoy the classic garbanzo bean toona salad, but, for example, I recently tried Caroline's Vegetarian Tuna. It is actually vegan, I believe, and when I put it in a toona salad with all the trimmings, it was really quite delicious. Keep on experimenting, fellow veg-heads!

  5. I knew where this was headed based on my experience with it years ago. Luckily, I got mine for free! You're right, chickpea salad is far better! Also, there's at least one other vegan tuna brand out there, but I had similar results with that one too.

  6. Aaagh yes it was gross!! I tried very hard to like it lol I put mayo, a bunch of spices, chopped tomato, chopped lettuce and A LOT of Valentina hot sauce! Plus ate it with saltines and I couldn’t lol I found myself gagging 😣😂

  7. OMG! The worse vegan tuna ever, took a bite and dumped it, yuck, my cat won't even eat it LOL. I'll stick to my tunaless sandwich(chickpeas, nori, sea kelp powder, s&p, celery, dijon mustard, garlic powder, mayo). Aloha guys! Always, entertaining videos, Mahalo!

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