1. I have spent soooo much money on the Unreal brand quinoa dark chocolate peanut butter cups – the crunch from the quinoa bits is unbeatable, but its almost 6 us dollars for 8 cups and they are half the size of yours… I might have to puff my own quinoa and dry them out in an oven (or dehydrator) and add them to your peanut butter base because these look legit. I gotta have one of these cold with a hot cup of coffee.

  2. Thank you for this awesome recipe!!!! My husband LOVES peanutbutter cups lol. Now I can make them for him myself.
    BTW, the reason you can eat some of those is because almonds, cashews and (ironically) peanuts actually are not nuts.

  3. Don't ever use a microwave people, always avoid it. It kills food, and it's really bad for ya. Enjoying these cool vegan vids as usual on Youtube, the world of fun recipes. Thanks

  4. Oh my goodness.. You are the first person I have ever heard of having the same allergy as me!! I can eat peanuts, but any other nuts send me to the hospital. Love this recipe!! xo

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