Vegan Grocery Haul // Coven Hamilton, Costco & Fortino's

You guys seem to love these so here’s another vegan grocery haul! We went to Coven in Hamilton, Costco, and Fortino’s for some classic staples and some cool …


  1. I have so much obsessive love for snap peas! Used to dip in hummus too but I have decided I don’t really like the texture combo or something. And they’re so good as they are

  2. Maybe you could make “Groceries we got this Month” videos since you want to cut down on food waste and overbuying. As someone who loves grocery hauls I would for sure watch that especially since it would be a more realistic look on peoples shopping habits instead of the big hauls.

  3. Yes do tastes test here on YouTube bc I don't go on IG that often I stay on YouTube all day!! Well I stated my vegan life journey 2 days ago! But highly disappointed in the big chain store here… very small amount of vegan options like the tofu and vegan sausage case was like 2ft wide… I walked by it 10 times and had to ask where it was. Then on top of it all I bought what I thought was vegan and it isn't! The morning start crumbles… it has milk and egg whites!!! Why??!!! So I couldn't find hemp, chia, flax, tvp, nutritional yeast… basically anything I truly needed and the cost of beand and rice were expensive? Again why? Now I did buy 3 packs of tofu for 1.77 each bc it was on sale but I don't know how to cook it since I couldn't get anything truly

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