IMPORTANT INFO Hi everybody! I totally forgot to mention that you MUST do this on an empty stomach. I did mine first thing in the morning. It will not work if you …


  1. Well I have an idea of how it taste because when I was 5 or 6 one of my two front teeth was about to come out so my sis gave me salt water to help take it out, although I didn't swallow it just shook it in my mouth.

  2. Thank you Chidi for your video, I am encouraged more especially because you have done it for the same reasons I did it. I did it today because I was to go on fully raw and plant base lifestyle, officially from Monday, 1Oct 19. I have always been wanting to go plant based and I always found myself on and of. Sometimes keto , then paleontologist, then this, than that. Eventually at a very late age of 58+ it seems like I am more determined to go just plant based. In fact I started a week ago and it feels like the right think to at this stage. I wish you all the best!

  3. Hey. I enjoyed your video. It was very informative. I would like to know what is the best way to contact you? I would like to possibly partner with you on my product(s). Thank you in advance.

  4. You are doing too much!! 1 tablespoon of Epson salt in 1 cup of warm water dissolved, a taste from a drinkmix for taste. 3 hours later and 10 mins on the toilet and done. A RUSH AND MIGHTY WIND!!

  5. I occasionally go between vegan and back but when I first did it I did the same, pescatarian on the weekend and vegan majority! I know it was a year ago but im going to check out how that went!

  6. If I add lemon or lime to deal with the taste, will it effect the results or will i still poop it all out? And is this the best way to cleanse your organs? Or what are the better cleanses that have better results? Thanks in advance.

  7. How much water do you supposed to drink? Some say 4 cups of water but she has it looks like maybe 2 cups of water. I’ve drank 2 cups down as fast I can. But I’m already gagging and I’m nervous I’ll throw it all back up. I think imma stop

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