KETO MACROS MADE EASY | all you need to know to start | Ketogenic Diet for beginners

Are you confused by keto macro grams and percentages? Fogettabout it! I’ll tell you all you need to know to start keto and make macros easy. Learn the simple …


  1. ok so if I currently weigh 83kg and want to get to 72kg I need to eat 2155 calories a day on a lightly active lifestyle, but eat 127 grams of protein, 108 grams of fat and 30 grams of carb, this equates to 1600 calories, where would the extra calories need to come from protein or fat?

  2. Dude, I agree with everything except eating as soon as you can in the morning. I'm not hungry after I wake up. I don't get hungry until the afternoon. I don't see the point in forcing myself to eat in the morning if I'm not hungry.

  3. Hi All, After a little help please, So i move in the correct direction ..

    Confused on one point: (Time 11:04 ) He said 1.5 grams of fat per KG of lean body mass, then he says

    1.5 gram per gram of protein.. ?

    So my current weight is 103 KG(227lbs) looking at charts about 75 Kg(165lbs) Lean body mass.

    I figure i should be around :
    Protein 132 G

    Fat 113 G (1.5 grams of fat per KG of lean body mass) OR is it Fat 195 G ( 1.5 grams per gram of protein being. My protein is 132 Grams )
    Carbs below 20

    His comment on fat has me confused.. should i be shooting for 113 Grams Or 195 grams ?

  4. Appreciate the talk, I just started watching your channel more. Your chill and on point, plus the topics I'm looking for right now. I'm zero carb 2 months, realizing I'm a little high on the fat ratio. Need to shift protiens to get below 12% BF without fasting. I think I eat about 150- 200g a day at least, not bad at 5'9 143 but I end up having to 48 hr fast a few times a month to keep lean. Probably 80-100g protien and 200 g fat. Probably jeep fat below 150 and protien at or above 100.

  5. Interesting that the foods that were considered through away ( from animals) or poor mans food turns out to be the best for you. Growing up we ate cows tongue, liver, and cow brains my grandmother put into ravioli filling, and I remember sucking out the marrow from Cooked beef and lamb bones as a child. These foods have since taken on a huge popularity therefore raising the cost. I still like these foods . I changed my eating to low carbs because I was tired of being tired and waking with a carb hangover . I have more energy and no longer walk around in a fog. I try to eat less saturated animal meats due to inherited high cholesterol Also I’ve stopped antidepressants. Life is much better. Thanks for a great channel. 👍✌️

  6. In your professional opinion, is it possible to do this on a vegetarian diet? Or a pescatarian diet (not vegan though). I've been full vegetarian for roughly 15 years, but started eating fish a few years ago because of where I was currently living at the time. I know that meat has been consumed by humans for as long as we know, in most areas of the world, but in our western countries the meat-produce industry is absolutely insane. Many people successfully do some of these diets on veg/pesc diets, but am interested in your opinions on it?
    Great videos by the way, been following some of these videos for a while and enjoy the relaxed approach to the information you give!

  7. Awesome video! American living in japan and hoping maybe next summer when I come to the states to come attend a collective! Where would I find the info on that

  8. hi there thank you so much for the cook book I have read it all in like 24 hours I am excited to be making keto recipes now. also if I understand you correctly I should figure out my lean body mass then calculate my protein intake that way. Is that right I estimated 153.9 lbs of me is lean body mass so about 5.3 ounces of protein I think that is right. could you comment if It is please. thank you karyann

  9. Hey man serious question. Can you address hair loss on a keto diet? I've seen mixed reviews on it. just wanted to hear from someone on a long-term keto diet.

  10. I just listen to my body cues. I had to stop measuring food. I was getting borderline obsessed/eating disorder. The best decision was to delete my fitness pal and stop calculating….everything. That’s when the changes started to really be noticeable. Weight was dropping, slowly (normally !) and steadily. Never worry about overeating protein. People generally feel unwell . You learn pretty darn quick on how much. Great video, Travis. Thank you for taking the time.

  11. What do you think about Aajonus Vonderplanitz? He was advocating raw animal food and said cooked food is toxic. What he said kinda makes sense to me to some extend but he may have been bias cause raw animal food litterally saved his life.

  12. Great Informative video. Been doing keto for 3 years but it's always nice when you come across somebody on YouTube that is puting out Factual straightforward Easy to understand information about the keto diat. Keep doing your thing and rocking it.

  13. great video as usual. If anyone could help that would be great.

    My maintenance calories are 2500, I am consuming 1500. Should i have a larger meal once a week to ensure my metabolic rate does not slow down.

    I do Hiit two times a week and walk/hike daily

  14. Oh ..i do hope …im through the eye of the neddle…..i do have all the things happening that you say…never felt better in my life @ im 65 so im am making this way of eating mine forever ….my bigest problem is i do love friut so i have a bowl of berries most days… do you think this will be a problem for me ?

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