1. Im starting school so I’m going in from 9-2 & I might have a job soon so realistically it may be 5 hours so I’m assuming that my job might be from 5-10, that only leaves me with working out at night. I don’t know when to eat sooo this is really going to mess me up. Also homework.

  2. wonderful video helped me put a lot thing into perspective on how fit working out and eating right as a 9 -5 worker. It's a possible if you really want it!!!

  3. Nice video, G! I workout during my lunch three times a week and after work twice a week, you just gotta be dedicated with a full time job. Also, I realised a huge difference when I started accepting fitness isn't a short-term solution; its a lifestyle. It's fine to have goal, but it ain't gonna happen overnight. Embrace the grind.

  4. 1. Be Honest With Yourself

    2. A Realistic Timeframe

    3. Talk To Your Boss

    4. Cut the Shiiieeeeeettt!

    5. Preparation!!

    6. Precision AKA Time Management

    Bonus: Find the Right Motivation

  5. If you have a motivation you will find time and do anything to reach goals. if your not serious you will always find exuses. i just went to gym sttaight after work and get it done

  6. Working full time and working out 3 x a week after work then coming home and enjoy my meal and evening THAT now seems a breeze for me. so easy.
    Now I have baby and full time work

  7. Build muscle and burn fat? OK, but my main resolution is to marry YOU! How am I supposed to absorb information when it's being given by a man so incredibly gorgeous and charming? And combined with that accent? Never mind you're already happily married, straight, and with a lovely wife and child. We'll work around it. 🤣 What you just said about the balance for "good and bad" foods is probably my main stumbling point. I started by just wanting to make a funny reply, but this video is extremely insightful and helpful.

  8. I like the unspoken communal support of the gym but bldg a home gym if you can make the space, also works. I’m the same; once I get in I wanna stay in why I like calisthenics so much. Body weight, not a lot of equipment n can do anytime you feel like🙏🏽

  9. I’m really struggling to manage work and gym. I’m in a 9-5 or should i say 9-7,8,9 job. By the time i’m finished the gym is always bursting and i can never get on what i need. I step in and out of routine because i’m struggling to manage work. Any ideas?

  10. I'm an Architectural Technologist and work for an architect firm which is a 8.30 – 5 job and HATE sitting for long periods of time. I know as soon as I finish I hit gym hard but during the day I like to try and find ways to keep moving. One of the things I do is I use Grease The Groove techniques. For example every time I go to the toilet (I drink fuck loads) I crank out 20 push ups just to get blood flowing. I do this about 5/6 times daily and it all adds up. Something simple as that

  11. I hit 12 hour shifts Monday to Friday. There's no excuse I'm on my feet all day and I still hit the gym after work and yes that includes destroying my legs! 9 to 5 would be bliss for me but I've gotta do what I've gotta do. My day is around 16 to 18 hours before I'm in bed and ready for the next day. Dedication is where it's at!

  12. Good afternoon Gabriel, just want to say your content is amazing period just started watching you yesterday and I've binge watched a bunch of your videos. Just want to show some love.

    now this part of the comment is to everyone else. Do you ever sit around and think about what the person recording these videos looks like without editing? Like if you were a fly on the wall? Imagine every time he says "cue the intro" and points up and to the left nothing actually happens. All the sound effects and video effects and everything gone off of these videos imagine just sitting in a room by yourself talking to nobody as if millions of people are watching it's just a funny thought to me.

  13. I don’t think losing 30 pounds in 3 months is all that crazy, I mean I’ve lost almost 70 pounds in just over six months and I’m a total beginner who knew next to nothing (still very much a beginner)

  14. I am 60 years, just did a quadruple bypass, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes type 2, single parent with 2 children (21 and 16) and 9 – 5 job and I take 13 pills a day just to stay alive.. As you said, I started to evaluate my priorities, and my activities. I was told I cannot body build with all the problems I have and my age. Well I set out to prove them wrong. I bought dumbbell set, a mat, and started doing 14 exercises that targets all my body muscles, reps of 10, 3 sets each for now, 7 for Monday and 7 for Tuesday, repeat Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays (Push ups and indoor cycling). I changed my diet and started cooking my own food, fish, chicken, brown rice broccoli and garden peas and a lot of beef and lamb stews, sardines etc. Measured the portion to give me enough calories and proteins. I eat 4 times a day. A month later I have a defined biceps, my chest was lifted up, I stand straight and I bloody losing my belly fat fast. I eat around 2000 calories a day (I am 93 KG and 5,10 inches). I train around 35 minutes with 10 minutes pre training warm up and 10 minutes post training cool down, so all around 55 minutes. I am also controlling my diabetes and my blood pressure. (Chest exercise still hurts a bit due to operation as I have 8 inch steel wire that keeps my chest plates together). However, the benefits are enormous and I can feel it and my close family even saw the transformation.

    So Guys, yes you can do it. the important thing, in my opinion, is that you have to be determined and have the will to do it even if you don't feel like it. I also saved money 🙂 by cooking my own meals for whole family, store and freeze. EASY. Go for it. Seriously. Now I am looking for a female partner 🙂

    Video like these are very motivational. Subbed.

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