Even Plants Aren't Vegan! Benefits of the Carnivore Diet – Nero Explains

Are you thinking about going Vegan? Please watch this video it could save your life! We are going to look at the real science behind the vegan diet and see if it is …


  1. We live in a state that prohibits raw dairy (🎼almost heaven WV🎼) BUT we live very close to Pennsylvania SO I’ve found a raw dairy farm there called “The Family Cow”. It’s been operating for a few generations am I’m so excited because I’m going shopping there today! Yippee 😊❤️

  2. So something like freshly squeezed pineapple juice would be bad in order to heal candida/leaky gut? I also have an apple cider vinegar drink mixed with acai and concord. Both drinks have enzymes still intact so wouldn't that be good for gut health?

    Edit: I myself have candida and have been suffering from it ever since I was vegan. Veganism messed up my gut

  3. Hey Mike I know you're busy
    But I'm wondering if at one point you can talk about the appendix about what it's meant to do and how it affects us when it's removed and when we actually have it.
    If you could advise some of us that got it removed how to keep our health optimal.

    Thank you.

  4. see what I mean I just went to sv3ringe page and look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THRTLMZlSew
    In the comment section he says when asked have you eaten human "NOT YET"
    The link is him talking about rapping and eating babies. He thinks eating human flesh is open minded of the illuminati. Im telling you something really weird is going on. Apparently cannibalism never stopped and Im seeing an agenda to "NORMALIZE" eating BLOOD and RAW flesh and HUMANS and hearts, getting "HIGH" of meats. Sounds like the comet pizza stuff to me. . Im too unhealthy to be EATTEN so I have no worries but PARENTS watch your children. MY GOD.

  5. Ok just went to Nero's page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-N8pW_1O3U really strange with the 88 If you look into the 88 it gets dark and the blood its just getting really weird. I agree we don't need to be vegan but do we really need to be drinking blood and getting "HIGH" like in fear and loathing off of blood and eating "LIVE" animals. Its looking like the zombie apocalypse over on his page. We are in weird times. When I found out the earth was flat I moved to the mountains and turned off internet for 2 years to just disconnect . I come back to where I left off and learn all about the Podesta's and spirit cooking. Now I see this weird movement towards "HIGH MEATS" better buckle your seat belts kido's
    Im gonna stick to raw milk and honey thank you. CURED meats makes more sense than rotten BLACK slimy meat to be eaten while listening to "special" music .
    Exotic meats….like Katy Perry's song Bon Appetit ??

  6. I was on the Atkins diet back when It cam out. I ate bacon/eggs /pork rinds/ tuna w/mayo etc. I got my blood work done because I was getting hassled so much by everyone telling Me I was going to die even though I felt the best I had ever felt. My blood work came back perfect I even had the Dr confused.. Here I am again at 46 learning that we NEED cholesterol , The NWO diet 2017 1st anti-vegan documentary is the 1st I have ever heard of this and well It just makes sense. This is the 3rd mention in just 2 weeks now of how we were lied to about needing this. The Bible warns in the end days Bad will be good and good will be bad. everything inverted. People are being born with gender confusion this is not by mistake all the added hormones in our food. How do you like the MAN BOOBS everyone is growing.

  7. We are omnivores,and so, we must have a varied diet. Orthodox monks living on Mount Athos regularly reach 100 with excellent brain fuction,not to mention physical activity. Well, they are on a pescatarian diet since the time of Christ. Then you have hermits who live on water and bread alone for decades. So, in my opinion,the body is quite versatile in its capacity to fuction with whatever fuel is available. Secondly,I think the ideal is a mostly organic grain diet,which is ocassionaly supplemented with soft proteins(once or twice a week). The protein best in my opinion would be eggs and fish,as these are what monks are allowed. In a discussion with them on diet,they mentioned that meat is too heating for the body,especially in summer,and should be avoided. Meat also stirs up the passions and makes one overly aggresive and is not suited well for cerebral work. It is well suited for those doing hard labor,like construction jobs and other heavy weight bearing activities. Finally, I want to say that the food is'nt the problem, but the inital damage done by antibiotics. In other words,in a perfect world,if one never had antibiotics,he could probably live very nicely on a vegeterian diet with a bit of eggs and fish for a very long and healthy life. It is when our gut is damaged,that we have to start over,like a baby,and feed ourselves milk products all over again to build the missing microbiome.

  8. Starts off talking about anti Globalists. That's Me.. The earth is flat. The "globalist" are Big fat LIARS out for MONEY and they serve a god. They think they are illuminated by lucifer's light. They are eating meat Human meat look up pizzagate/pedovore. Hilary has kuru
    BRAINWASHING going on. YES in deed not just with food

  9. what about testosterone on carnivore?shawn baker and many others ppl high on meat,their testosterone results was fkn low.also what r u talking about veggies being hard to digest over meat?how often a regular meat eater is pooping?like 1/week?

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