🍐Vegan Pear Fennel Seitan Sausages🍐

Today’s recipe is one for the BBQ! Or just on the pan if you don’t have a BBQ like me haha. These Vegan Pear Fennel Seitan Sausages use California Pears …


  1. yum, these sound so good!

    For my favorite sausage topping… Mustard all the way! Also: Mustard, onions, parsley and a special kind of curry powder for something called "Bosna" if you want to look it up.

  2. I saw the thumbnail for this video and went "Wow…yess", because the combo of pears & fennel just sounded good…I mean, there are all kinds of apple sausages out there and pears would be similar in flavor…now to finish watching the video
    I thought the sausages looked fine with the flecks of color from the chili flakes….I'll be making these in the Fall.for sure

  3. Yessss I love me some good recipe vids, esp Lisa recipes!! I was just thinking about how I really missed your old videos recently but this just gave me OG vibes and it made me so so happy 🙂

  4. I really admire that you often do sponsorships with whole foods, rather than supplements or other random things. Pears are something I often eat and love! Great recipe, and great vid!

  5. The sausages look freaking amazing! You're so legit that you're sponsored by one of the most delicious fruits lolol 👍 It worked because I'm gonna go buy some pears now mehehehe super awesome and creative recipe!!!! ❤

  6. Hey Lisa! For added colour, I was wondering if maybe you could try cumin or coriander powder? Those are usually great at browning meats/faux meats! Maybe not cumin because the flavour would be too strong, but coriander + fennel sounds complementary! 😀

  7. Is there a different fruit that would work in this recipe? I DESPISE pears. I was thinking maybe a green apple, but the water content is so different I’m not sure it would work. Also, I’d sub thyme with sage in this adjustment. What do you?

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