1. I think McDougall was basing his recommendations more on people who are extremely obese. For young fit people who eat a Whole Foods diet fat usually doesn’t make them gain a lot of weight.

  2. I literally have never met another person who turned vegan because of Freelee. I mean it's great you are vegan and inspiring others to become vegan because of her, but outside of YouTubers, I really don't think there's that many. I've met so many vegans over my years as one and not only have none of them credited her for their veganism but most of them think she was a problem.

  3. Lmao my dad's persian too and I also hate white rice! It's so unfulfilling like you have to eat tons to be full and you're hungry again like an hour later. Somehow I still crave it sometimes, but I eat it very rarely now.

  4. You make me feel so good about how much tahini I consume. BTW, I used to be one of those fat phobic people.  

    I agree with pretty much all of this, but I became vegan before Freely, and I don't even know who she is.

    I hate rice too, and mushy bananas are disgusting. I don't like bananas though.

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