6 Diet & Lifestyle Changes I've Made – That Massively Improved My Mental & Physical Health

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  1. Very relatable video. I know what you mean about people being nice.. when someone is nice to me (especially new people in my life) I sit and overthink wondering why even though I know deep down people can be nice for no reason. My friends also force hugs on me because I hate contact haha 😊

  2. forgiveness is always for you and not for the other person. because when you dont forgive someone for their actions, youre the one walking around with all that resentment and hatred, not them.

  3. This was the therapy session I didn't know I needed.
    It takes a lot of balls to get in front of a camera and be this honest and upfront with personal issues, and I whole-heartedly appreciate that you do.

  4. I loved this video. The way you talk about mental health is so honest and important. And everybody really needs to try and be comfortable with disconnecting from the online world. Thank you <3
    Also trying to be more mindful about my protein intake and reshaping my relationship w food as part of recovery.

  5. How I naturally lowered my CRAZY big appetite:

    Balanced nutrition,
    Less exercise/more relaxing,
    Early bedtime,
    Intuitive eating for both when and how much I eat,
    Treating my food issues and eating problems like an addiction.

  6. Awesome video!! Thanks for being so open and sharing your struggles and how your overcoming! I struggle with a little bit of this and the way that you have overcome with your friends and your mindset is really helping me to see that I need to do that too. 💪🤗🌻☀️

  7. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of care. You do matter, thank you for sharing your personal experience. I appreciate how genuine you are in your videos. I always learn something from them. Thanks for doing all that you do and sharing your journey. You are an inspiration.

  8. Wait, 17:50, did you eat potatoes with raspberries (and what I assume is either tahini or peanut butter)? Is that a thing? Have I been missing out on eating potatoes with fruit?!

  9. Wow, Miles, so helpful, and mature to be able share all this. Fantastic. This will really help people cos we is all weeeeiiiirrrdd! :OD In a good way!
    Yeah, good one: Teal Swan says to tell your friends what you need, and try to surround yourself with people who will support you like this! :O) ~Heart swelling~

  10. I really need your help!

    I‘m on a vegan diet and since several months I have bloating/digestive issues. I studied abroad last year and since that time this occurred. I went to the doctor twice and he said my stool sample is fine.
    I do know a lot about nutrition and I never had those issues before in my life, it really bothers me, makes me depressed.
    My diet is based on whole foods. I do eat a lot of vegetables, my protein is in a good ratio and my fat sources are all „clean“ (I also supplement Omega 3 to get my daily 3g of EPA/DHA).
    I somehow just get those issues in the evening which is even more annoying since sleep hygiene is very, very important for me. I usually eat my last meal 3 hours prior to bed. I even tried to avoid vegetables and huge amounts of food before bed. Today I ate 70g of oatmeal with 15g of nut butter (which is a joke for my size) and my digestive system seems to be overstrained…
    I‘m also just able to eat fruits as my first meal of the day and when it comes to vegetables, I try to eat them just during lunch (then my body seems to digest them…). I know one could say that those bloating issues are related to fiber, but 50g of fiber/day does not seem to be a lot keeping in mind that the digestive system should be able to adapt to a higher fiber diet after several months.
    I‘m an active person (I did professional sports and I‘m still working out 6 times a week) and I love food.
    Back then I decided to become vegane due to health reasons, then my mind changed and now it’s ethical. I also habe to mention that I supplementation covers Vit B12/Iron/Beta Carotin/Calcium/Magnesium and Zinc.
    I have an intolerance to pea protein and to soymilk but tofu seems to be no problem.
    I really do consider changing to a vegetarian diet (which should not mean that I blame the vegan diet, I‘m a huge fan and I‘d love to continue but not under these conditions).
    Please let me know your opinion on this, it would mean a lot to me! 🙂

  11. The part where you are talking about how you push people away I can totally relate and honestly I hate that everything you went through in your life makes you feel like you don’t deserve love.
    I will tell you I was there not the same situation happened to me but for 6 years after what I went through I pushed everyone away never wanting to get close to anyone
    Anxiety depression was overwhelming but let me tell there is light at the end of the tunnel you just haven’t met “your person” and when you do no matter how much you push them away they will not give up on you and your heart will know that they are here to stay 😉
    Super cheesy I know not a cheesy person but I have been married to my person for 11 years and honestly he saved my life!
    And has brought me so much joy. I wish the same for you.

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