1. Have you checked out Dr Berg's channel? Great information about keto – what to eat and what to avoid. Also have you considered intermittent fasting, ie each day not having breakfast and doing a 16 hour /8 hour fast/eat schedule?

  2. This really makes me closer to a decision to go Keto. I have been on the fence. Lots of information and the cookbooks would really help with cooking ideas. Great video Erica. Hope your enjoying your week. Deb 🙂

  3. Hi Erica. Wanted to let you know that Mind Over Munch (you tube) has a video called Keto/Low Carb Healthy Meal Prep For the Week! that you might want to watch. It may give you so more ideas for meals. Her videos are great on food preparation. It's very interesting reading the comments and finding people have been doing this for years. My family physician was all for the Keto diet and gave me some information on it. It's time I get started:)

  4. Hi Erica, I've been Keto for years and you're doing so well! I make my chicken tenders with a mixture of almond flour and Parmesan cheese with some dried herbs and garlic powder for extra flavour. They're delicious and my kids love them too. Keep calm and Keto On!

  5. Hey Erica
    I've done chicken with the crushed pork rinds. Amazing. Crush them up in your food processor. You may want to put a little almond flour or coconut flour to the mix. I did. I bested a couple of eggs a little water and hot sauce. In the crushed pork rind mix. I put garlic,season salt,black pepper and a alittle cayenne. Fried in olive oil and baked it u til it was done. Amazing

  6. Good morning. I love watching your videos. Can you please put the recipe for the chicken casserole you were talking about making it and the cookie recipe you showed us? Thank you, thank you… Have a good day ❤️

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