1. Don't forget to check out BioClarity: https://goo.gl/1pGpNG and use my discount code SUPREME for 50% off your first month! (Ps- just want to bring up the topic of sponsorships and want to make sure you guys know that even though this is a sponsored video I really really like these products and everything that I said was 100% my own opinion. I would never promote any products that I don't genuinely like, for example I made sure to use these products for over 3 weeks and still use them daily before I decided to even promote them) <3

  2. NOOOOOOO PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN USING SUGAR DO NOT USE THOSE ST IVES SCRUBS EITHER!!! IT CAN CAUSE MICROSCOPIC TEARS IN YOUR SKIN. Use a dermafoliant with very tiny granules like from kiehls and skinceuticals. that just made my jaw drop bc I'm studying skincare and thats an absolute no no! everything else is great!

  3. Don’t use sugar, it causes damage to the skin. Don’t use coconut oil, it clogs pores. Pores don’t open with hot water, that’s stupid. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  4. Hi!! I have embarrassing kinda blotchy redness on my cheeks and nose and was wondering if this skincare routine line would help get rid of my redness? I have tried so many products trying to get rid of my redness and super hoping this product line would help!? Looking forward to your reply!!! Thanks!! 🙂

  5. Coconut Oil is basically the worst you can use on your face when you are acne – prone. It scores number 4 on the comedogenic scale, where 5 is the highest and 0 is the lowest possiblity to make you break out.

  6. My nickname is Kami and I love ketchup and I have blonde hair blue eyes and I'm starting the process of going vegan and.. have acne… too…. and I love you!!! lol ♥

  7. Really? Promoting a full skincare routine that you've only been using for 3 weeks??? It takes way longer than that to properly tell if skincare works for you.

    Also a sugar scrub isn't gentle, it's probably the most harsh and abrasive way to exfoliate skin…

  8. I use bioclarity as well, and I really like how well it works! In addition to that skin care routine I’ve been making my own glam glow mask because $60 is too much! It works just like the real deal and helps me dry up my acne during that time of the month. Thanks for all the great videos!

  9. just gotta say your clear acne during your period could be cause your in Mexico, I know it sounds weird and truly idk what it is but whenever I go to Mexico my skin clears up Super Fast and I get absolutely no acne! Idk if it’s the air quality, the food, or what but something about it!

  10. my skincare routine (not that anyone asked lmao):
    do the oil cleansing method (I use a mix of avocado and olive oil)
    splash face with ice cold water (or as cold as I can stand)
    use homemade apple cider vinegar toner
    apply a small amount of aloe gel and wait for that to sink in
    apply facial oil (I make it out of argan or jojoba oil mixed with rosehip oil and some essential oils)
    I also do a face mask and exfoliate 1 – 2 a week (my favourite facemask is one I make from tahini and cacao, it's amazinggg)

  11. "open up pores" is a lie. the heat and steam does not make the pores open up, it only makes the skin sweat. it is good for getting rid of some dirt but that's it. washing the skin with too warm water damages it, same with too cold. luke warm for washing, splash with cool water then toner and pat on moisturizing products.

  12. Jestem Polakiem from Australia and i'll stop eating meat (including kielbasa) if you let me take you out on a date. I may then start a vlog about the journey of my transition from a cold blooded Chili-Con-Carnivore to a Vegan Herbivorean Maximus Lettucearian

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