VEGAN BASHING HEADLINES – Misleading articles against plant-based diets (2019)

Different online newspapers have recycled the same misleading headlines bashing plant-based diets. What these writers do is to read and summarize medical …


  1. I forgot add this in to my last comment, this is what they are afraid of ๐Ÿ™‚ the healthiest from all foods on our plant are sprouts , living food , and for example ; when mung beans are sprouted they have 600 percent more vitamin C and 300 percent more vitamin A than the bean itself .sprouts are a bomb of nutrients . Eat living food and be healthy :)))

  2. I think meat industry are afraid of Raw vegan diet ,that's why they publish all this fake news , they know that when people try this diet ,they will feel better . Obviously when we feel better on our new diet we dont want to come back to our old diet , they know the true and they are afraid of it .
    Some people eat too much cheese, eggs and dairy on vegetarian diet and that is totally not healthy ,
    some people on vegan diet eat mostly processed food , because is easy but is not easy for our digestive system to use this kind of food for our fuel to live this life . but there are healthy vegetarians and healthy vegans and no one should mix them together .
    Thank You Areli for Great work :))

  3. a video of the importance of us fruit eaters getting involved in permaculture to set up our own orchards to have the best quality ripest best variety of fruit wherever we may be . I'll help as I'm now one step closer to getting land for an orchard . how about the meet up group organise a trip to the Eden project in Cornwall to check the edible section ( I know hey have Noni fruit growing there and I've always wanted to experience it ) thanks again for another on point video .

  4. Yeh totally agree, good points…. Vegetarian itยดs completely different than a Vegan diet, you can damage your health very quickly if you eats lots of cheese and eggs on a daily basis. Also you can be Vegan and have a terrible diet, stay away from processed foods and you will be fine, veganism works but just keep it simple. Personally HCLF raw vegan itยดs what works best for me!

  5. This quote is exactly whats happening with veganism : โ€œAll truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.โ€

  6. Nice video, thanks. I'm whole food-plant based 3 years now, and I search for videos with the keyword 'vegan' which were created in the last day (occasionally). It's important that there be counter articles and doctors like you to speak up against what many assume to be good science since yeah it was published in the British Journal of Medicine or BBC.

    After seeing these articles, I have great skepticism about the accuracy of any article published in many of what I previously thought were pretty good sources of informaiton.

    I lowered my LDL bad cholesterol from 120 mg/dl (elevated risk of heart problem) to 65, ideal and what some of the plant based doctors call heart attack proof.

    I won't ever have to take a statin. I"m off blood pressure medicaxtion which also lowered my resting heart rate. My blood pressure without medication is 120/80 and my heart rate I check the other day is 62 beat per minute whereas previously it was over 100 without medication (years ago). I am sold on the diet. I will never stop it. I may overeat some, but I am still a health body mass index at this time and will remain so.

    My food consists of:
    whole wheat pasta with spaghetti sauce.
    whole wheat bread (cooked at home with healthy ingredients).
    5 ounces of spinach daily.
    tea or coffee

    That is all I have eaten for the past several months. I'm happy with it. I need nothing else and I enjoy every meal like it's a banquet at a fancy restaurant.

    Thank you for the video.

  7. I think the study said they had a higher risk of hemmorhagic stroke and that would make sense because if you do have a stroke and you have not been eating saturated fat then you are more likely to have a bleed into the brain rather than have a clot form inside an artery. Of course, as you say, having strong arteries is the most important thing because then you would have no stroke of either kind. And having strong arteries involves more than whether you are vegan or not.

  8. Thank you! Unbelievable that they are publishing these misleading headlines that clearly have the objective of manipulation and spreading propaganda.
    And, I'm excited about your next topics, especially on salt!

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