Keto Mayonnaise Recipe (0 Carb) | How to Make Keto Mayo (Easy!)

Whipping up your own Keto Mayo isn’t quite as easy as many proclaim it to be. There are a few things you need to know to avoid a batch of “broken” keto mayo.


  1. I'm really excited to bring you this Keto Mayo recipe. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I got it just right. I prefer using a hand mixer. I tried an immersion blender first and that didn't work out so well. What's your favorite way to make mayo???

  2. Question for you, I have not studied into this yet. (& I haven't started to diet yet either, just preparing)
    But I have some Hellman's real mayo, & it says there is no sugar or carbs….. So shouldn't that be fine?
    Hmm…. I am going to test my self now and dive into the ingredients…
    I guess there is technically some amount of sugar in it, just not enough to show up on the suggest portion size on the label.
    & hmm there is this calcium disodium edta…. It doesn't sit off any anti kito red flags…. But upon further reading doesn't sound good regardless…

    Now this mayo is mostly canola oil based….. Now I have been taking in so much information my brain has kinda forgot if that's an issue….
    in theory it doesn't show sugar or carbs….. So is it just not great for you? or counter productive?

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