1. Hey y'all! Here I show you how to lose arm fat fast and even show you the items I used to get tight and toned arms. Let me know if you have any other questions about how to lose weight. You can also win the Bowflex Dial-Up​ Weights! Don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

  2. This video has been very helpful. Since my 50 lb weight loss, I have severe arm flab and have been working out in the gym to lose it. The exercises are very detailed and I will use these for my arm workout. Thank you!

  3. Girl…I REALLY feel so happy to have found your videos. You are a straight talking, informative source of information through whom I can see REAL results. I am lucky yo have always been a skinny eimwn, up until the last ten years or do, after illness, which saw my whole host type change. As I used to be able to eat what I liked, my new way of having yo eat for Chrohn's and severe IBS hadn't been easy, but I am doing not too bad. These exercises and this eating education will definitely help ( The dumbbells are a tad too expensive for me, as a masters student for the next few months, but will do the exercises without weights and with the band's for now). Thsnks from the UK – we don't have a lot of fitness role models like you here.

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