9 Healthy Habits to do before 9:00 am // How to be productive 2018

Hi everyone!!!! Today I am sharing my successful and productive morning routine! 9 Healthy Habits I do before 9 :00 am!! THUMBS UP FOR MORE HEALTHY …


  1. Things to do before 9am:

    1. Get up early (5:30am)
    2. Set a timer for the amount of time to do all these things (Ex: 3 hours) so you don’t waste time.
    3. Intensions/Affirmations
    4. Meditate (book: The Daily Stoic)
    5. Priority list / plan day
    6. 1 tbsp AVC + lemon + warm water
    7. Morning workout (walk, and then gym)
    8. Healthy breakfast
    9. Quick clean space (bedroom/etc)
    10. Essential oils (in shower)

  2. My last name is Will so my motto is always,”where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY” Also it was my moms tattoo until she got it removed so if I ever get one that is what I will get

  3. Can you tell me why I ca't drink lemon water, or apple lemon water? Like, man, have I tried SO many times to drink it, but NO! my body won't let me. I threw up some times and gagged and couldn't even SWALLOW it!

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