In this video I share with you how I made 170 breakfast burritos to feed all of our company for a wedding! Shout-out to my awesome mom too for helping with the …


  1. Thx for response. I meant an Immersion blender. My Ma made the best scrambled eggs with it…. it aerates the eggs and makes them fluffier… Add Extra Sharp Cheddar to the plate and put the eggs on top of the shredded cheese; If the cheese is on top of the eggs they loss fluffiness… Your burritos sound delicious! Thx🤗

  2. You're lovely mate, all the best with the channel. Been looking for some batch cooking ideas for meal planning as I get sick all the time and it makes my life a lot easier. Will try this out thanks!

  3. Can you do another video like but get everything at al Aldis I’m curious what’s the price difference where you live because I know some Aldis prices are a little different but not by much

  4. I might do my breakfast burritos in a few weeks 🙂 i add eggs, sausage/or shredded chicken, cheese and salsa/or bbq sauce. Here in Sweden we dont have big bags of tortillas 🙁 the biggest i can find is with 12 in it, and its around 2usd…

  5. I just found your channel through the other burrito video. You are so underrated definetly going to try this whole freezing burrito thing for breakfast seems to save a lot of time. I would love to see what I eat in a day time video

  6. Great observation on the tortillas. They are key to making a great burrito .. the ones you used last are good ones and one of my favourite as well. Maybe you can someday master how to make your own perfect tortillas and make a vid on it ..cheers!

  7. thank you so much your a big help my husband and me we have 14 grandchildren 3 sons 3 daughters inlaw i for sure is going to make those burritos for all our family god bless your hands.god bless you love grandma "🙏😋👵👍

  8. I seen down below you said they will last for 6 months in freezer. Will they get freezer burn? How do you warm them up?
    By the way new subscribers! Have been enjoying watching your video!

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