1. Vegan zombie is strict vegan im sure but he dyes his grey hair away. He would look worse without his coloured hair i think . I dont think he has rosacea.

  2. I had to go, after watching this, to NutritionFarce so I could listen to that sick shit SOB Gregor uninterrupted because the statement “Why go keto when you can do chemo” lit my hair on fire. I can’t believe I stayed awake for this, but this is what he will probably be deleting tomorrow:

    Michael Gregor, you are a liar and a charlatan. You cherrypick these shit studies like Kaiser Sosa in an interrogation room.

    1. You posit (falsely) that a ketogenic diet is expensive and requires supplementation. Bullshit. I eat a traditional seasonal agrarian diet that relies on zero cereal grains, beans or tubers of any kind. My diet consists mostly of meats (some raised, some hunted by me) poultry, eggs, and whole raw dairy with some fragrant herbs thrown in for good measure. I eat a little bit of Alaskan game and halibut that I trade with a cousin by weight for dressed chickens. I consume an average of 30 lbs of meat and 3 to 5 pounds of fresh raw butter and cream a month, butcher my own livestock annually (every week or so in the case of chickens). I use zero supplements, and I spend less than $100 in any given months on “food.” In point of fact, most of my actual spending is on sea salts, peppercorns, cloves, heirloom plants and tree shoots for my orchard. Almost everything consumed in this house is grown and raised within ten miles of my front door. But even in the city, I could source the same easily and cheaply, and have done so in the past. So do others.

    2. You claim that ketones and a ketogenic diet and the consumption of saturated fats exacerbate and proliferate metastatic cancers…and leave out that nice little nugget about phytoestrogens in the proliferation of breast and ovarian cancer diagnoses…you and I both know that this is absolute horseshit. In 1900 when the U.S. had more than twice as many dairy cattle as we do today, the average American consumed 18 to 20 lbs of butter every year, almost as much meat as we do today, commodity cereal grains did not exist, yet, nor did seed oils for cheap “food” (we have USDA Secretary Rusty Butz, circa 1972, to thank for that ever-profitable sham), and still, somehow, cancers and CVDs combined accounted for only a whopping 10% of all cause mortality. That’s not my statistic. Oh, no. That belongs to the US Census, the US Department of Commerce, and the USDA, along with a bored researcher at Chapel Hill…. You lie.

    3. “Why do keto when you can just do chemo?” Are you for real??? Jesus Fing Christ, man, just how stupid do you take people for??? Why eat a diet that results in a smaller carbon footprint, less waste and far less expense ((in actual fact, the average adult eating a carnivore-based ketogenic diet consumes less than 1,000 lbs of nutrient dense food every year, whilst the average vegan consumes well over a full ton – more than 2,000 pounds – of food in the same period [I shudder at the waste])) when you can just destroy yourself eating the same damned inflammatory commodity diet that CAFOs use to fatten up livestock and get them to slaughter weight within two years instead of four to six on pasture??? Why eat a diet that, by your own admission, has been used at least the since the days of Hippocrates to prevent and cure disease when you can instead spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to cut, poison and burn an inflammatory disease that results from shitty food and lifestyle choices, and spent what might remain of your life – if you survive the chemo – limping towards an early death, exhausted, maimed, immune-impaired??? Oh, yeah, that sounds like a brilliant plan, you sadistic, inhumane hack. But, kudos! Morons will take your advise, no matter what it costs them, even their health.

    You’re a liar. You keep skewing reality to fit your sick agenda, and it’s made you very popular amongst a certain subset of the SMI populace, but your misinformation is a crime, and you should be ashamed. Just look in the mirror, Michael, your own health is suffering greatly for the bullshit lunacy you’ve adopted as a life plan. You’re younger than I am, for crying out loud, and you actually manage to look and act more aged than my 73 year old active mountain man father.

    Catch a clue, people! This man is a con artist. An “MD” who has never treated a patient in his life because he’s so contrarian to logic and truth that he was expulsed from his residency programme before he even began a career. He preys on your fears and ignorance. You follow him to an early grave.

  3. For the record, the Vegan Douchebag Murderer, Anthony Milan Ross, is finally scheduled for his first pretrial hearing in Maricopa County Court next month, and he will be prosecuted for three counts of first degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of discharging a firearm and 19 counts of aggravated assault. Three of his four daughters, whom he viciously abused & deliberately starved for years and then abandoned along with their mother to start the family he murdered have all volunteered to testified against him as character witnesses.

    I know an attorney loosely connected to the case in Arizona. This man is an unapologetic sociopath, and I hope they nail him to the wall for life.

    Great podcast stream, Bobby. I’m glad to have been busy enough with harvest to miss the first one, but this was excellent! Thank you!

  4. Automatic dude better start manifesting a reality that doesn't include metabolic syndrome and the soon to be reality of Type II Diabetes. He can start rapping about his pimped out wheelchair when they amputate his foot someday.

  5. THIS ABOUT AMAZON SITUATION!!’ The ”problem” is Multi-Layered and runs way deeper what Example ( Happy Healthy Viiigaaaahhnn💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦sluep slurps) cited from CNN lol CNN .Btw Ryan is disgusting Man Slob I wrote him a comment about his Blowjob with the dental cast , and that hes NBA physique is “Little” off. (Yes he actually showed like pictures of Stephen Curry and talked about hes own training in same “sentence “than NBA hall of famers and he being a 51 year old Basketball player… Showing footage of him doing some Plyometrics which looked like special care vegan mongoloid saw basketball first time, after that some DEADLIFTS 😉 I have wroted even that: Ryan hey!! ; you spoonfed emaciated corpse , you look like mummy . You Giant, ball of Goo-Slob. And in the end i told him to go DATE A REMINGTON SHOTGUN and told him to GAZE in the hollow end… fingers crossed 🤞🏻. And i know this is harsh and insulting but Ryan himself is like propaganda minister and sees ENEMIES fucking everywhere (Anti-Vegans) And tell people not to take anybody serious. I mean everyone not eating vegan “diet” .. I also criticized both of them not having any animals nowhere, they being vegans and everything…. I have wroted about 30 messages to their videos, and now ( could be coincidence) they have put out some animal videos… Gooooood i hate that waste of space and air, that Human Goo-Slobbering disgrace of human being…. Keep it carbd baby keep it carb’D Aaaaasaa

    This is the article , sorry about my rant…lol


  6. I use to work in a cafe with vegan menu and as carnivore i would feel so annoyed plating their food specially gluten free shit , veganaholes just fucks cooks over with their menu. Not enough with messing their health up

  7. Professor Tim Noakes used to be an olympic trainer and recommended carb loading for sportsman for that so called explosive energy he now no longer does because he considers keto and Gluconeogenesis a better approach so maybe what you are saying is BS.

  8. Also about Kristina, she sleeps 3-5 hours a night and then, when she can't take it anymore, she checks herself into 1 of the luxury resorts she promotes. Nothing about her seems natural, healthy, or real.

  9. About The Vegan Zombie, I used to like him and his business partner John, well, until I was feeling bad, got blood tests and found out I had many deficiencies. But I heard John saying recently that during his 17 years of being vegan (hope I got the time right ), he ate out of convenience, never caring about health. In real life, I also know vegans who ate this way, all of those I know eat anything vegan, except for 1 who was a vegan health freak and his heart stopped this summer at a wedding, he was 62. Most vegans aren't vegan for health, and that would be fine as long as they don't promote it as being safe for health.

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