1. cool build, very simple but i see whole beauty in that. I have two left hands so when i will finally build my own it will look similar to yours 🙂

  2. We can say Polak potrafi 😆 bravo Kuba za pomysłowość. Jak widać niepotrzeba wydać "miliona" na camper vana . Podstawa to auto reszta to tylko inwencja twórcza i smykałka do majserkowania👍👍👍👍
    Pozdrawiam i szerokości

  3. Thank you so much for this video!! I have been wanting to convert a van into a living space for so long. Would you mind telling me what I should look out for when searching for a van to buy?

  4. Nice simple conversion, concrats! I hope some day you can affort to by a decent compressor fridge, 200W solar would be no problem to have it 24/7/360 up und running. And if you would pick a diesel heater for the van, you would not need to hassle with the gas bottle and having space for it. Diesel heater could be installed under the van.

  5. The van is so great! If/when you guys wanted to, you could use cold pressed vegan soap bars that have no SLS and other harmful chems. It wouldn't harm the environment when you dumped the water out. But only if you feel like it… It was the swap I made.

  6. Great! 🙂 The thing I liked the most, by far, is the kitchen sink. :)) That's just awesome! And what I disliked the most is being unable to stand up inside the van. Having to get out just to stand up normally is a bummer for me.

    How do you manage with the temperature? It gets seriously hot and very cold to be living full-time in there, so how do you handle it?

  7. Ok. Been binging you and you’re so cool! Love Kuba, just as well! I’m a “senior” vlogger yet I share much of your same mindset…just took me longer to figure things out? LoL😳🙈 Found myself with 3 grown (incredible, btw) children & their Dad (my hubs) who is NOT a nature lover, 🙄per-say….so I got a job I’m a “retired” chef, (laptop,medical) that I can work from anywhere there’s internet. SO I bought my ass a cabin in the woods….loving it, just need solar to be completely off the grid. I’m vlogging it and Altho we are so “different”, I find much comfort and familiarity watching you two. I am you in another shoe kinda feel, ya know? I’m rambling (I never comment 🙈) BUT jus wanna say I am really enjoying all your vlogs! You two are amazing ppl, so “clear”, so young, jus so cool! (Exposing my age using “cool” too much but no word fits better, imho) You’re so bad ass yet so beautiful. Enjoy every day, as each one truly is a gift. Know you’re contributing jus by putting such great content back into the universe! K. Blah black bla! Rock on ❤️🙈❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘

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