1. Habibi with all respect I don't like eggs but halumi is getting old can't you invent something and paton it then you will be a multiple million air I don't like the smell off eggs or dead birds plz use your brain to invent

  2. Oh my !! Thank you YouTube for recommending this!! I had never heard of Nadiya until today… and now I can’t have enough of her! Her food looks delicious!

  3. this is the shittiest roll i have seen.. spinach ground and made to paste . wtf ? fried panner turns tough when not soaked in water immemdiately after frying.. shit shit shit.. and why egg ? tf ?

  4. Now she is an example of a brilliant and successful British Muslim woman. Wears her hijab, follows her faith and has integrated within British society wonderfully. Plus she makes EXCELLENT food.
    She should be a role model for all aspiring Muslim girls who just want to pursue whatever they want but are hampered at home.

  5. You lost me at eggs……and cheese..😔…high cholesterol….bad for our health, bad for the planet, bad for the animals…there’s got to be a vegan version of this recipe.

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