How to make Almond milk at home? Its super easy and very healthy. Almond milk is less in calories. its a very healthy drink for weight loss and other benefits of …


  1. Thank you for the video, it is very beneficial. Since my reading is better than my listening, I wonder how I can get your explanation in writing. Is there any book I can get? If not, could you please tell me how to get it. Many thanks again for the video.

  2. Ma'am namaste πŸ™πŸ»
    I tried to make almond milk.. But I failed ☹️
    I soaked it about 20 hours,
    Grind it with little piece of cinnamon and a cardamon,
    Drained with double layered tea filter,
    Washed the bowl,
    Started to heat with low flame…
    ☹️ It was spoiled… Like when we pour lemon juice in the milk…
    Please tell me ma'am what should I do to have it..

  3. Great video and I love your accent. Where are u from ? I love almond milk I have no other choice but lactose milk but I’m avoiding dairy so almond milk is my #1 choice

  4. Thanks…. Mein bhi dairy milk ni consume krti… Par dr. Kehte h ki aap apni diet mein milk zaroor add kro. Kya almond milk k bhi dairy milk jaise benifis hote h. Kya mein bhi dairy milk ki jagah almond use kru. Hum ek din mein kitni quantity le sakte h?? Plss reply.

  5. I tried the almond milk recipe with two dates, it was delicious. I am so excited to make hot chocolate, sweetened with a dash of raw organic honey and enjoy it. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Have we been sisters? I see similarities! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Uma, I really like your personality, especially your voice. Your video is simple yet informative. Thank you for uploading this video on almond milk. Can I give almond milk for my kids? My son is 5 yrs old n my daughter 2yrs old. I mean, those almond turmeric latte n hot chocolate recipe.

  7. Thanks for sharing. I love this tumeric late idea.. i will try it..
    also.. you might try peeling the almonds as tannins in the skin prevent the nutrients being taken up.. although soaking helps too.. i think then you don't need to strain it also.. thanks!

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