Here is another full day of meals. I used some recipes from my 1950’s cookbook and some of the recipes I have been making for over 20 years. We are a large …


  1. There is a recipe that my grandmother used to make often.  Mayo cake…have you ever heard of it.  Actually I think it's probably from the 40's since so many items were rationed.  The mayo takes place of the eggs and fat.  So so good!  Sure enjoy your videos…bless your heart, that is plenty of work.  Thanks for sharing with us, very grateful.  Take care!

  2. I know you're going to do depression cooking which I'm excited for, but I wondered if you'd considered trying WW2 rationing? It's pretty challenging to do but a fun exercise. It makes you seriously appreciate what we have available to us

  3. Praying 🙏 for Andrea Mills also .She has a vedio up on how she met her husband for the first time and their Wedding vedio so precious.Also don't forget Jamerrill Stewart with her clan.

  4. The food looks so good. Do you feel like you spend a lot more time in the kitchen though? Love your channel. PS.. I love that you have so much of your Grandma's cookware. I have some of my Mom's but are afraid to use some…:)

  5. Hi Noel sorry I have missed a couple of your videos and missed some great cooking I know. I love cooking from scratch which makes me love your videos even more. Hope you are doing well. My little channel is growing slowly but that is ok because I have met some wonderful people. I sometimes can’t decide what to make so I think I need a meal plan some weeks. Love your personality and cooking.—-Tressa Daigle

  6. Everything looked delicious … you have me so inspired I actually went on EBAY and bought the same 50's cookbook, sure reminds me of my mama's cooking. I'm definitely going to try out the biscuits. Thanks …

  7. Back in the sixties I had a cousin who would only eat cream cheese and jelly sandwiches.So my Aunt told her Doctor she will only eat that like Luke lives His C 🍕🍕 🍕🍕 🍕 Pizza. The Doctor told my Aunt to give her that only she grew out of those sandwiches and can cook anything now to eat amazingly.your tan is beautiful.

  8. I love everything you made it look so good especially those cupcakes oh my goodness they look so delicious and that chicken that roasted chicken I've got to make one I'm kind of nervous or making a whole roasted chicken I've never done that it looks so delicious y'all have a blessed week

  9. I really love all the food you made. I learned something new about make homemade biscuits. Thank you for the folder over to make them flaky. I am really trying to get back to my roots and making everything from scratch. Thank you so much for sharing all this good food with us. I hope you & your family have a wonderful Tuesday!!! Take care!!! I wish my husband would want to go back to homesteading. We use to have a small farm in NE Arkansas…I really miss it!!!

  10. Didn't see you make the eggs! That was a big part. Also, when you fry your sausage, use the left over fat to make your gravy instead of plain milk and flour. Much more tasty. That recipe is not from the 50's. It goes way back to the 1700's

  11. Not a biscuit fan, but absolutely love DINNER ROLLS!! Love those rolls, buttered and dipped in some good chicken.
    turkey or beef gravy!! It is 12 midnite, and this video has made me hungry.

  12. Is there something at the store that you buy called lard? Isn't lard just Crisco or something? I know back in the day they used to save their fat Grease, that really I don't want to put bacon flavor into something that it doesn't belong. Thank you

  13. Awwww.. I LOVE that you use your grandma's recipes and her pan to cook the chicken in. I just LOVE watching you cook and bake… Everything looks SO delicious… Mmmm… Lucky family to get so much awesome food and meals…. 🙂

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