Depression Symptoms & Understanding Depression | Dr Mona Vand

In today’s video, I’m talking about a super important topic that’s not talked about enough: depression and mental health. This video was inspired by Janssen …


  1. No one believed me that i go through SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Around starting august is when it kicks in until maybe around january- February. I got moody, sad, cranky, angry, i’ll have tears and cannot explain why but its so wierd for when the summer time zone changes to the winter time zone i can tend to get a bit
    of panic attacks 😔. Are you suffering from SAD too or know anyone who does, please let me know.
    And btw i live in Canada so thats why, the snow is not my thing at all

  2. I was depressed for 3 years because of my Extreme Tourette's Syndrome, out of a grade from the worst at 100, I have around 96, and my body automatically just has an instant panic attack, very very bad…

  3. Faith seems to ask questions, even when choices are made, when questions are thought to be answered, or throughout what life brings, hope is thought to be lost for some, but faith may bring hope back, all it takes is your mind, to decide the best way, to take time, whether time is days, or decades, to remake, to remember those choices, to take a different path – you don't regret….and to cherish….

  4. I am skeptical of pharmaceutical companies. I think antidepressants worsen depression. In my personal opinion, the best things we can do for ourselves is improve our personal relationships and build a support group. The psychosomatic connection is real. We also need to make an effort to get proper exercise and eat a healthy diet.

  5. Hi Dr Mona someone close to me having anxiety issues a young adult and we’ve been looking for someone to talk to but having no luck. Can you pls contact me and see what you can advise 916-878-7888.

  6. I LOVED this. I have been watching your videos for about a year now sometimes feel like I am not doing enough for my wellness and this video was so different. I have been suffering with anxiety since I was a child and depression in the last few years. I have a great doctor (who it took a long time to find and I am now in therapy and on medication. My life and health has improved tremendously. I do think there are a lot of stigmas (especially with millenials) and this made me feel so included and not judged. I felt like you were talking to me. THANK YOU!

  7. I suffered from depression after the death of my mom and therapy really helped me. I did not take any medicine, I found a great psychotherapist.

    I think it's great that you talk about a difficult topic like this! Everyones situation is different and everybody has to find there own way to heal… so it is great to talk about different "options" and I think therapy is also an important one.

    Unfortunatly, I think there is still a stigma to doing therapy. But actually I also don't like the other side, where it now is "cool" to do therapy/coaching/selfimprovement. I think there is a difference between real therapy which you actually NEED because you're sick, and some coaching/selfimprovement that you WANT to do for yourself. (I hope I can make my point, eventhough my english isn't perfect)

  8. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been watching your videos for a long time. Very helpful. I have one recommendation and maybe I missed it in the video but want to make sure: what about going to speak to a counselor or mental health therapist or psychologist (CBT or DBT). You shared your experience in therapy, however, I don’t think it was mentioned in the video (or listed in the natural approaches). Thank you!

  9. Such a great video, Dr. Mona! I would also say depression at times is a natural part of life going through difficult seasons. Another important approach to be aware of is gut health, balancing gut flora. Dr. Natasha T. Campbell the creator of the Gaps Diet did extensive study and found that even schizophrenia is linked to severe poor gut health. Working with a naturopathic doctor well versed in gut health would be extremely life changing.

  10. For anybody who thinks that their depression is of a spiritual nature, i would highly recommend starting a personal relationship with Jesus. Well, that's what i did anyway..end result is an inner peace that was not there before…if anybody want's to try this path the bible teaching site, teachingfaith com is a good source of info. Start with the series titled, 'change of mind'…30 free streaming videos…worth a try.

  11. Can you PLEASE make more videos like this. In my country, depression isn't really taken seriously as it should yet a lot of people go through it daily. I suffered from depression for almost two years in the past and now it's come back seasonally and its still a struggle. Please I really want to know more about depression .
    Thank you.

  12. thank you, i suffer for anxiety depression. before my period i find myself in a shithole. i hope to get some stable energy so i can fight it. thank you

  13. Thankyou for this video. I recently started seeing a therapist and depression is scary to me. I just want to be happy. I wasn't always like this , too many changes in my life. Praying things will get better with time.

  14. Soo happy you talked about first needing a med to get you out of a crisis situation. Ok ur not in "danger" but if u just cry all the time and are not taking care of yourself then YOU ARE IN A CRISIS SITUATION. You are worth it. You shouldnt be crying. Your feelings matter. How you live your life matters. Growing up like i did we always think self care is selfish. Wrong wrong wrong! Its all about retraining your brain to combat those feelings of selfishness to rightfulness. You have the right to take time for your own health. You have the right to tell toxic ppl to get the hell away from you. You have the right to not be ok. You also have the right to care for yourself. Let everyone know their emergency is not your emergency. If you dont help them they will find another way. Needy ppl always do. But who is going to help you? You.

  15. It's a truly new and good initiative to understand the depression to defeat it at any how to have healthy and happy life ..Nice sharing as we most ignore it and dont know when it enters and make our life miserable.So it's good to know at intial stage and to come out from it as early as possible.🔊Awake👏

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