Bean Pastas and Lentil Sprouts

Do the benefits of beans, and lentils, and chickpeas remain when they’re powdered? Also, how to use temperature stress to boost sprout nutrition. Subscribe to …


  1. Dr Greger, looking at buckwheat I see that Bob's Red Mill organic lists dietary fiber at 1 gram and total carbohydrate of 30 gram. Is this an unhealthy grain as having such a low carb to fiber ratio?

  2. Legumes, if they aren't sprouted are mediocre at best, why bother studying average plants which might be better for farmers' use than human use for consumption.

    Also are we expected to actually believe irradiated legumes are more healthful than non-irradiated legumes? COME ON!
    Dr. Gary Gibbs, author of THE FOOD THAT WOULD LAST FOREVER would highly disagree. He says that radiated foods are radiolytic and their molecular make up changes and when we eat them we may as well be ingesting formaldehyde and benzene.

  3. Scared to watch this video… I eat chickpea pasta regularly. I hate the texture but I thought it contributed to the beans daily dozen 🙁 we will see
    Edit: yay! no one knows! shame on the researchers… 15 beans/day as an independent variable? lol

  4. since asian instant noodles have been shown to create inflammation within the gut lining, i would be curious to know if bean pastas do the same. may inflammation somehow promote the oxidation of cholesterol? or at least artery contraction.

  5. buckwheat: sprout one to three days, microwave 2,5 minutes. while chewing them raw is entertaining at first, our instinct appreciates things that are easier to chew, long term. i assume proteins are not fully denatured after just 2.5 minutes of microwaving. lentils are even tougher and require over 3 minutes of microwaving to become a bit tender.

  6. Awesome! I always wondered about bean pastas since it's an easy way to consume more legumes. I think a good control for health effects should be regular pasta as well as whole cooked beans. Before that we can't say much sadly 🙁 good to see that videos that focus on food again. Sometimes I think this channel goes too much off-topic

  7. Neat. Validation that I haven’t been wasting my time sprouting each bag (only started Sprouting lentils on a whim after the sprout-everything craze started). Kept doing it b/c it’s quick/easy in a big mason jar+cheesecloth.

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