1. My ears are the same as yours and I wouldn’t recommend getting the top one done. I had it done (a bit dodgy tbh which wouldn’t have helped, don’t use a piercing gun EVER omg) and it got infected because it was really hard to clean around it because of the cartilage being all folded

  2. Haha thank you whoever asked the question about the direction. Now I know that Holly is facing me while we are both studying even if I am from southern Germany🇩🇪. That's kind of motivating😂💯

  3. seriously i was astonished to watch how u do so much in a day.. but i am really inspired by your management skills. your note making way is just so good..thanks for all this. love from india😊😊

  4. you are such an inspiration to me 🙂 you are one of the very little ppl ive seen who doesn't write "aesthetic" notes like ones you see on instagram and that honestly makes me so happy !!

  5. Are you from the German family tree 🌲king Ecbert of Wessex??? It doesn’t matter we all ONE NATION although I’m curious because you’ve such disciplines I learn a lot
    Thank you 😊

  6. me: minding my own business and chewing
    Holly: "It's made out of Satan.." (which I now realise you were referring to Seitan)
    me: stops chewing and questions if I need a hearing test
    Holly: thankfully proceeds to explain


  7. the friendship group q!!! omg i relate so much like i always found being in groups was too much drama too catty etc so now i just focus on my one or two best friends and its so much nicer because u can feel that genuine bond and u can give them all the attention when ur together <3

  8. Rewatching all your videos and getting so excited to start at Cambridge this October! I've decided to vlog my time at Cam as well and started my channel yesterday, I can't wait! x

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