Whats In My Sleepover Bag? + Handbag! (Skincare, sleepwear, etc)

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  1. My dear Gwen thank you so much for this video is just the most helpful video I would possibly need at the moment because I am going to start living at my boyfriends place from now on…Thank you for the idea 💜

  2. Hey Gwen darling! Where did you get your hair done this time in Toronto? It looks so natural and the root is so nicely blended with the highlight 😍♥️ beautiful

  3. I wouldn't necessarily give up on contacts! When I first tried contacts it was not fun. My eyes were super dry and they would randomly pop out during the day. I had to try several different brands to find one that didn't irritate my eyes. It was worth it in the end 😊

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