What I Eat in A Day || Healthy Meal Ideas on a Budget || Vlogmas 2018

What I Eat in A Day || Healthy Meal Ideas on a Budget || Vlogmas 2018 Vlogmas Day Nine!!! Vlogmas 2018 Playlist || ♡INSTAGRAM: …


  1. What size are the little jars for the fruit? That is a fun idea to try and a good idea for meal prep! Also, you should do a video on how you budget, im starting to want to get some budgeting ideas for 2019.

  2. Loved this!! So glad I found your channel. I was wondering if you could do an informative gym video for beginners? Like using different machines or things like that. I alway tend to stick to the same stuff when I get to the gym cause I'm nervous about trying new things.

  3. I’m already sad that your fitmas gonna end on Christmas 😭 I’ve been obsessed with your videos recently and got so much inspiration from you! I started doing squats with gym equipment at gym which I couldn’t bc of my low self esteem. but since I found you and got so much getting fit inspiration, I started it in my real life!
    I really want you to do a daily vlog😭

  4. I definitely love this video it’s so good 😊 special part where you wrote food benefits it’s helping for beginners (like me ) to understand what is good and why for your body, on internet you can find so many different “rules” what to eat what not it makes so confusing 🤦🏼‍♀️ 💋💋

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