S'mores 5 Ways For National S'mores Day! | S'mores Pizza, S'mores Fries, S'moresghetti & S'more!

In today’s vlog we celebrate National S’mores Day by making s’mores 5 ways! We made traditional s’mores, which is a graham cracker sandwich of sorts, we …


  1. Once, while doing a lord of the rings marathon, my BF made mixed drinks for different parts of the movie. When the Hobbits are camping, he made an adult chocolate milkshake and graham cracker rim and SOMEHOW broiled whole marshmallows on top!

  2. Omg! This is the funniest video I have watched in ages your reactions to things! How do you make Milkshake. The issue was like Tim said don’t add the chocolate milk and blitz the hard stuff first such as the graham crackers. Then add the ice-cream fluff and maybe some chocolate sauce rather than the chocolate milk. Then just a couple of pulses to mix the ingredients. The smoresgetti was my fave! ‘It’s melting! Yeah we do live in Florida!’ 🤣🤣

  3. My family grills marshmallows all the time. We use skewers (ones you would use for a campfire) and have so much fun doing it. You can for sure get them nicely browned, but they are so melty and perfect for s’mores.

  4. Papa Murphy's used to be a giant nationwide take and bake chain but now there are way fewer stores. But there is one very near a doctor I see so I can still get it! I never had the dessert pizza from there but might someday. They have good cookie dough. We get a chicken spinach pizza there but I really just like classic pepperoni sausage. Yum.

    I liked the spaghetti ice cream and the milkshake best…although the classic s'mores might be the one I stick with.

    As always, thanks for the vlog!

  5. All I could picture was them giving the baby his first bath.
    Tim: Do you think he's clean enough??
    Jenn: I think he is.
    Tim: Let's wash him some more!!!

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