I stopped being a vegetarian | My diet struggles

In this video I discuss why I stopped being a vegetarian and why my diet has been a struggle. -spectrum of diets -is there a diet that is more spiritual? -eating …


  1. Hey girl, when did you have your period issues, because I’m not vegetarian, but 2 months ago I had 3 heavy periods in the same month and I was so anemic that it became life threatening for me too. I’m just wondering if there is something happening for many of us at the same time, and what that might be. I ended up getting on Ritual vitamins and they have made an enormous difference.

  2. You have to draw a line somewhere. If someone was slaughtering kittens and eating their brains claiming that kitten brains "opened their third eye" and it was therefore their "spiritual diet," would you seriously just shrug and say "oh well, to each his own?" Or would you (justifiably) be a little horrified?

    By the same logic, I have a right to be horrified when people contribute to animal suffering and try to justify it spiritually.

    Iron deficiency isn't a vegetarian problem. There's tons of research out there to support this. People with very meat-heavy diets can suffer from iron deficiency just as easy as vegetarians/vegans because sometimes your body just doesn't absorb iron properly. So these meat eaters end up taking iron supplements. It sounds like you didn't even try supplementing before doing straight to dead animal flesh?

  3. raw vegan/fruitarian is insaneeeeely spiritual feeling, but i agree in part that just bc u are raw or arent doesnt mean you are or arent spiritual

  4. I believed long time that eating vegan diet is the most spiritual diet , but now I’m in a place where I know that the most spiritual diet is so personal to every individual and I just need to listen my body’s needs in the moment and go from there.

  5. Meat is the natural human diet, meat is nature. We are nature. Eat grass fed it is saving the soil destroyed from mono crops. Diet has nothing to do with spirituality, it has to do with nutrients, and meat will always be far superior.

  6. This is a great video about diets and of such things.
    It goes in concordance with the bible verse about Jesus saying not to worry about what one eats, so that they are free from such worries and anxieties with food. That would otherwise possibly trigger influences like OCDs, or create addictions or worsen already existing addictions etc.

    Furthermore, no fear combined with gratitude for anything of what one eats. That certainly makes the food not only more enjoyable, but better on ones own health in various ways, just like praying over water to increase its frequency for greater health results from it. ( A high spirited state of being, will certainly also increase the bodies function and results of anything eaten for the benefits, as well as generate more energy itself of which food turns into anyways )

    ( Thus Jesus often drank and stuffed his face at feasts, with the indirect slogan of essentially saying: Do not tell the body otherwise to what it calls for oneself to eat, concerning any such food dualism's as a diet. That of which are often being the contrary to what one should really eat in the moment for their vitality )

  7. things are only unethical If you view them from a very short time frame. In the largest picture everything will die and be transmuted and create other things in an endless cycle forever. Us, the animals, the plants, the planet. Empathy that people are talking about is projection of our own fear of death and pain which is an illusion once you realize what you really are. It seems to me like a binding of empaths to constantly show them things in pain because of their natural affinity to help. But I think its a trick of sorts exploiting peoples natural weakness. The same way people with a affinity for fear will be bound by the news and a person with greed and pride will be bound by fame and money.

  8. Heavy periods is sign of being VERY toxic as it’s another form of body’s elimination system. Prime-mates in nature barely bleed where as in zoo’s they have heavy bleeding due to diet. Fruitarian have almost no period.
    Meat makes you feel amazing because it’s PURELY a stimulant, don’t be fooled thinking it carries ANY nutrition.

  9. Hi Laura – I agree with part of what you say.

    No diets work long term. Period.

    From an energy perspective however it all depends on what you are seeking. If you are looking to be lazy and on the couch, you don’t need much energy. Conversely if like you you are seeking that warrior energy, clarity, passion fuelled living then this is absolutely achievable.

    You just need to know exactly what to do.

    I’d love for you to reach out, I’ve helped a number of K awakened folks in the last two years – and it both assists with calming as well as amping the energy where needed.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. For me raw whole milk from a cow every day with Ghee + a sprinkle of turmeric brought to a boil is my only supplement. Other than that I stay away from garlic & onion… I use a blend of the sattvic yogic diet, but I still eat meat and heavier foods to ground. I try to stay away from all caffeine & tasty treats. However balance is the key when we understand our own body-mind-spirit composition we can find that balance.

  11. I too felt tremondous benefits going organic, i can wake up earlier and feel more clear headed. The detox of the toxins from all the pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc though can be long and painful as they can be present in your blood stream for a quite while (the doctors usually can't detect toxins from a blood test) so you have to be patient as your body slowly releases them from your fat cells and yes what works best for you as an individual is what really matters. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet.

    You need to experiment through a process of elimination to find out what foods your body agrees with and which it doesn't but one of the best places to start if you know your blood type (or you intuitively have a strong sense of knowing what it might be through experimention of how your body responds after you've eaten a food) for those overwhelmed is to lookup the blood type diet.

    Go to https://dadamo.com/typebase4/typebase5/T5.pl click on the index and click on any food and it will show you the results of which foods can be problematic, (shown as orange) has no particularly positive or negative effects so is just simply a food that should be ok to consume in most cases (yellow) or if there are any potential medicinal benefits to the food (shown as green) for a particular blood type from the research.

    I imagine that you might be blood type O if you found a strictly plant based diet hard to do long-term. It is possible but it can be a challenge at times if your not getting the right calorie and nutritional quantities. Type O's are said to have the hardest time breaking down carbs and produce alot more stomach acid and enzymes for breaking down protein and fat than all the other blood types.

  12. Hi Laura! I am curious, do you by chance have any silver fillings? (Mercury fillings). Our symptoms/experiences sound similar and I just recently got a hair mineral analaysis test and found out I have mercury and copper toxicity. Mercury from 4 silver fillings I got as a kid. And copper toxicity from an IUD combined with a vegan diet (throws off copper/zinc balance). I have felt so unbelievably sick for years. I just had my amalgams removed and am on a new protocol. Incorporating meat/eggs/dairy back into my diet along with lots of steamed veggies and health fats. Anyways, this was a huge realization for me and thought there might be a possibly you have some toxicity/mineral imbalance in addition to anemia.

  13. We can not ignore our physical body's biology and finding balance is important. The way I view it, our bodies are physical extensions of the planet, the finger tips of evolution reaching upwards and outwards and we have to humble ourselves to the animal side of us that is fundamentally caught up in mother nature's food chain.
    In the spiritual community, there is too much of this need to escape this 3D reality, but we came into this form to live a physical 3D life, to bring the multi-dimensional into the 3D, whatever that may mean.
    Ancient cultures used to revere the spiritual nature of the hunt and perhaps that is the element we should be seeking to understand. The liver, being the most nutritionally dense food on the planet, was the first thing they ate. Maybe there's no coincidence that "liver" begins with "live."

    "Life feeds off life," seems to be a law of nature on this sphere and the fact that biology doesn't care about morality, is something we need to reconcile within ourselves. Allowing yourself to carry around guilt and shame for something nature designed into us, seems somewhat unnatural to me.

  14. I feel that two of the biggest issues surfacing in the collective right now to be processed and integrated are hunger and hierarchy. There are many different types of hunger -and the way we are operating in relationship to ourselves, the world and each other is evolving. Hierarchy is an interesting one to me. I feel that plants and animals are equally conscious and sacred. I also believe that you access a different form of nutrition, energetically, that provides you with all of the nutrients you need (even physically) when it is time. We are all going through so many changes as we process layers of baggage that can run so deep into our lifetimes/ancestory/the collective, our bodies adjust accordingly. Also, the power is in the paradox, there is no need to judge. 🙂 We are gaining sovereignty and maturity as we give ourselves the freedom to learn to explore the world in a more balanced way 💗

  15. Great to know you have figured out what was ruining your health and depleted your energy level and that you adjusted your diet accordingly.
    Your craving was so obvious, it was wise to follow this intuitive body message.
    I also don't like seeing vegans being judgmental of meat-eaters and vice versa (aggression goes both ways). That's why I don't even like to mention my eating habits unless it is necessary. Too many ppl switch to vegan only to boost their ego and seem 'holier-than-you', which should never be the reason. I don't want to link spirituality with diet also because diet is highly individual and can ruin somebody. I have not eaten meat >10ys, and my iron was always super high, but it changed once I tried donating blood (I quit it later), but I take iron supplements for 10 days during my period just in case. My blood tests also showed B12 levels close to min normal level, so I supplement when I don't eat eggs. Or sometimes I eat eggs even though I am slightly disgusted by them for some reason..
    I still do not crave meat at all, and I hope I will manage without it. I hope I will not have to eat fish again too, although if it is extremely necessary for medical reasons, I will consider seafood, but I hope I will be ok without..
    I am not the healthiest person on the planet, but my health was a mess when I ate animal products, so I should just make effort to balance my diet so that I don't overeat carbs and sweets)
    From what I have learned, it also requires certain pranayamas when switching a diet to a lighter one, so that the CO2 levels are changed to make a transition healthy and safe allowing better absorption. Healthy gut is also crucial for absorbing nutrients.
    You are correct: quality ingredients and products are way important.
    One can eat junk food even being vegetarian.
    I also take ashwagandha at times for mental health..or brahmi..
    I wish you wellbeing, healing and good mood!
    Ps I also heard it may depend on the blood type..do you know yours? Mine is type B (group 3)

  16. https://www.biologyofkundalini.com/[email protected]=KundaliniandDiet.html
    I read this online book. She writes very technically. Obviously has a degree in biology like you. This might help to understand chemical processes.

    Just an example. If you google lettuce, cellery, ginger, cinnamon, oats, etc. Whatever you eat you learn amazing things they do for the body. Expensive vitamin or exotic superfoods from impors out of Africa, Amazon rainforest are unneccessary. Like celery helps energy flow through body and iceberg lettuce. This is good for kundalini. So many odd chemicals unique to pecific plants. Maybe ayurveda would help. Everyone has a pitta, kapha, etc balance specific to them and needs own diet. Seasonal perhaps too. Cool in summer, hot in winter like peppers, etc.

    Eggs are whole protein. In doubt make an omellette. I don't drink alcohol. Maybe you like the occassional beer.

    I recall my father had anemia in old age. Had troube with uptke so he had to inject it himself. Genetic.

    Interesting comments on genetic development. Milk not widespread for chinese. Eskimos eat lots of meat. Indians abroad get heart attacks often. Diet perhaps. Maybe diet must adjust to geography like our accent does and temperament over generations. Become a Texan, irishman, etc and eat like one too and that ould be climate dependent from local foods. Just an idea.

  17. Thank you for this!
    I was a vegetarian for 5+ years for ethical reasons, way before kundalini. Unfortunately, it's just didn't work well for my body, and when I switched to a paleo-inspired diet my allergies and asthma got better, the quality of my hair and nails became a LOT better, etc. Since I started my kundalini journey I've been reading so much about going vegan and I've wondered if I should do it, but I just feel so turned OFF by the idea. I love meat. I try to buy the least bad meat and fish I can afford, but at least for now going vegetarian or vegan just isn't in the cards for me.

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