1. Yeah dude, this is not 肉夹馍… Not even remotely close, the difference is kind of like comparing a calzone to a burrito…. please Google "Roujiamo" before you put that in the content, no disrespect, but no….

  2. The ancient Greeks served street food consisting of sweet meats wrapped in bread around 450BC. Socrates mentions it in one or more of his dialogues recorded by Plato. If they aren't credited with the earliest sandwich, maybe they should get credit for the earliest fast food. Perhaps someone in the comments has a better recollection of this, seeing I read it 30 years ago. I like this series. Hope to see some classic sandwiches such as a Reuben or Monte Cristo.

  3. I tried twice to make that bread doing everything to the t but failed both times..is it a certain kind of flour? Only thing I did different is I don't have a food processor and I don't know what kind of flour he used.

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