This week’s vegan news: Popular sandwich chain Subway is launching a vegan meatball marinara sub made with Beyond Meat. Vegan Formula 1 racing …


  1. For those of you who think this is just a trend…. well I became vegetarian 50years ago when I was 20 . Everything has changes so much since then that it seems much more a paradigm shift than a trend.

  2. I think it's great that meat companies are jumping on the meatless products gravy train. This way they can transition out of producing meat altogether hopefully, and still provide jobs to people, and show that it is possible to other meat producing companies to change while still remaining profitable. If consumers demand more meat free products, companies listen and do their best to provide, as it's all about the bottom dollar.

  3. Does Subway not understand that the cheese on the vegan meatball sub cancels out the vegan aspect? Yes, it can be ordered without cheese, but how about adding vegan cheese slices? No brainer

  4. I have mixed feelings about meat companies coming into the plant-based space. On the positive side, it a company that may be killing less animals and harm to the planet. On the negative side, there are concerns if the company is using ethical practices and ingredients. To be fair, I even have that concern for plant-based companies as well. I hope companies are taking into consideration factors like overall ingredients (using non-gmo, organic, and responsible resourced food,) how they are treating their workers, packing that has a less negative effect on the planet, etc.

  5. If your soul is calling you to go vegan, listen. The soul is wise beyond this world.

    Love being vegan, never felt better. Peace to all. 🌱 ✌️ l💕

  6. It is always good to move away from any meat products. However that comes. It is very sad that they still can make any form of income off the backs of innocent animals.

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