Keto Grilled Sandwiches (Veg & Eggless)

A Super Easy & a Super tasty Dish which can be prepared in minutes, Without the fear of crossing your macros Follow us on Social Media Youtube …


  1. Hi. I just made this. It's amazing. But I didn't add cheese to the mayonnaise. It was just vegetables with the mayo. Is it still keto friendly or not? I had it for breakfast as well as for dinner because I was left with the mayo vegetable mixture and also I used market Veenu a mayo. I hope that's okay!

  2. Thank god I found your channel! Veggie here trying to adopt keto diet but everywhere on the internet, recipes are full of eggs. Thank you for putting your effort in developing and sharing such eggless recipes.

  3. You know what. You are amazing. I just discovered your channel and all your recipes are amazing. As an Indian, I really don't like western keto dishes. Keep going. One day you will earn many more subscribers and success.

  4. Hi Jyothi,I tried to Malai laddu..I added Heavy whipping cream,butter and Erithritol… didnot come how you did …Sugar did not muc time i cooked after some time it become kind of paste ..what kind of cream i need to use..Can you please tell me

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