1. Lmao!! Damit man!! Your one of the reasons i never turn off my sound!! Love your shit skin!! Along with your muisc!! I think some folk belive your to straightforward, I even read some comments were some dick heads literally go as far and say that you're a racist and have a sick sense of humor. Well Everyone's entitled to their opinion so I think they can take their big pink dildo it showed up each other's fucking asses.. because I think you're actually a fucking genius I love your sense of humor. Folks who aint scared to laugh at a lil weird but true humor is my kinda folks. Its fuckin 2019!!! Come the fuck on people its a joke not a dick so dont take it so hard..and if you get butt hurt or offended then I think you deserve to be butt hurt and offended. O and most of the twat waffles girl/boy/ goat or whatever the fuck folks are callin there gender nowadays are dumb as a fuckin sack of shit.. do you have a dick you are a male do you have a pussy you're a female..its not that fuckin hard to understand. O yea..if ya actually pay attention to Adam he's actually way fucking smarter than all you fucking fairy basket cases put together.. he is actually very intelligent I know I got off subject here .lol. forgot were i was goin with this cuz am still laughin..so fuck it..adam love you skin!! Keep doin you man!!! And remember folks its a joke not a dick so dont take it so dam hard!!! Learn to laugh again and everthing will be alright..

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