Teaspill – Vegan Plastic Surgery Nightmares – Vegan Famine Eyes plus MORE

I’m going to talk about these things while I still have the chance… Colleen gets credit for the worm joke. My first cooking video!


  1. Christine make plastic surgery because not have meat,fat on she,so,she will replace she's body that missing . It look like an skinny alien,like a skeleton . It's like it was in starvation champ of Auschwitz . Veganism demonstrate that nazi,Hitler win on the body of this people's .

  2. Christina Glows actually has a male boyfriend, can anyone imagine bonking that thing? Fit Shortie eats baby has skull bossing and some are saying rickets. These people are so F'ed up beyond belief…………..

  3. I used to have that where I would wake up at night sometimes with my throat dried up and could not breathe, and had to drink water, I used to eat low fat, and now I eat high fat low carb and I have not even realized til just now that that has not happened to me since. Cool.

  4. I remember thinking… when anti aging skin lotions came out… the models were hot 42 year olds with dyed gray hair…. fo real…now it’s a 26 year “old” vegan. Ugh gross. Rose hydrosol for the win

  5. Who would hire these people?
    Veganism is their career field & that’s all they have on their resume.
    You can’t even work an 8 hour day at Vegans R Us in that condition.

  6. If Cristina’s diet is so great, why the heck did she need to put fake butt, hip and boob implants in? Her instagram is so fake looking. The way she holds things, etc. everything is set up to look “perfect”, like this perfect life and it’s almost sad because she doesn’t realize it all looks horrifying. She seems so materialistic, like the only things that matter to her are her looks and possessions

  7. Christina Glows wouldn't have needed plastic surgery to look like a healthy woman if she just put on 30lbs.
    The signs of being vegan, Sunken eyes, dry skin and yellowish skin tones. Premature gray hair and the loss of teeth and cavities. Looking emaciated and sickly. Being under weight with a gut aka skinny fat.

  8. OHMGOSH Daphne I totally noticed the same thing about Kate, that was a perfect analogy the eggshells thang!!! She does it in ALL the videos I’ve seen of hers no matter the topic🙄

  9. Can you do a video on Nina and randa and how there diet is too low in fat and think that fat causes acne it's so stupid they actually think there clear skin diet cures acne and they're too skinny IMO

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