How to cook real chips in the Tefal Actifry

Jan shows how to cut and prepare chips using real potatoes. (We like Morris Piper). Then how we cook ours in the Tefal Actifry. They turn out really fluffy on the …


  1. FFS if it's that much trouble making "real" chips …. Al stick with the chippie up the road, Brand new dish towels for each batch and sheets of kitchen roll and metal shapers, rinsing for half an hour under the fresh water, and then the worse part … Do i need to wear a ridiculous hat while i'm munching them haha OMG am creased

  2. Ha,you need to make chips with Lard and a chip pan , then slices of a uncut loaf and hard thick salted butter that the chips melt into as you make a sandwich, and don’t forget lots of malt vinegar and a bit of salt lovely 😊

  3. I put the chips into the Actifry with no oil for a couple of minutes to dry them out and then add the oil. Works really well and no need for all the pre-drying just get them fairly dry first

  4. I do home made chips all the time with the actifry, i drain as she do but i dont dry out the chips so much, however they still turn out just as nice and thats with Olive oil,

  5. I wonder why olive oil doesn't work as well as corn / vegetable oil. I've tried using olive oil in a regular deep fryer, pan and the T-Fal. Must be a unique oil property that prevents it from tasting as good. Getting rid of the excess starch and drying is a big deal. It's ironic how much starch we add to desserts but try to get rid of it in our main meals. smh ..

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