1. I just came across your channel and I am binge watching a bunch of your videos. Really like seeing what you eat and your recipes! I am defiantly going to give some of them a try. I need to change up some of my meals and you have inspired me. Much love from Utah, USA. ❤️

  2. اكثر انسانه انقذتني للاكل اول مابديت اكون فيقن كنت ضايعه و مدري وش اكل لين طلعتي لي الله يسعدك 🥰

  3. م ادري ليش بكل مره أقرر اصير فيقن واسوي الوصفات اصير مو قادرة أكلها الطعم م يطلع حلو واتوقع مشكله اي حلول 🙃🙃؟

  4. Try to roast the aubergines straight on the stove and let them sweat inside food bag then peel them. It’s easy to make more tastier and quick to cook. 👍🏼

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