VEGAN LUNCH IDEAS | Amazing Back-to-School Recipes

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  1. I love your page and finally decided to make one of your recipes. I made the veggie burgers and the beet and sweet potato chips. I added some adobo to the patties, which made them taste delicious. My only complaint was that they were too mushy. 🙁 any tips to make the patties more solid, and normal patty texture?

  2. Jenne! I cannot sing your praises enough my girl! I love the way you share and present information, you make veganism so approachable (how it should be!). I have been watching your videos for the last 4 years and tried multiple recipes, not once (!) have they come out bad, soggy flavorless or disappointing. Always Delicious, and doable, nothing super complicated just whole fresh healthy food made with care. But you keep it so real! All of your recipes are attainable and tasty. You never come from a place of judgement or distaste. Your momma raised you right! Thank you Jenne! Keep on shining!

  3. I love videos like these (and yours are some of the best out there)! My parents are super skeptical of the life style I choose, especially since I'm only in high school. They didn't let me go vegan for the absolute longest time, and the whole situation was….less than perfect. It's videos like these that convinced them that I would be getting the proper nutrients and enough calories with a vegan diet. Thanks!

  4. Mmm! All these look so good! I'm really excited to try out the chips and the fritters especially.
    But on a side note:
    I went to check out Thrive, but unfortunately they don't ship to me in Canada. I know you partner with them a fair bit, so I'm hoping you might be able to update us when they expand their shipping options? I think they look like a really great service. 🙂

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