1. I’ve been following you since around 5k and I remember thinking “wow, how does she only have 5k?!” And now that you’re at 53k I’m not surprised AT ALL and can’t wait to see your channel continue to grow and inspire others

  2. you are so inspiring. I'm turning 16 in a few months and you've already inspired me to eat better and start my own channel. my sister is vegan so I eat vegan dinners but my carb intake is sooo bad. I really want to try to eat more like you!!

  3. wish i lived in the US so i could get all those goodies! 😫 i mean we also have nice stuff here where im living, but we dont have lärabars and im mad cuz they’re SOOO good😭❤️ nice video btw❤️

  4. I’ve been a vegetarian and have decided to go vegan. It takes me forever to find/recognize vegan food products when I shop, so do you have suggestions to make vegan grocery shopping much easier and faster to do? Thx!

  5. I love love love love love love loooooovvvveeeee your videos your are so organised and only 16 healthy and inspirational. I just can’t get enough of you because I watch your Vida every day and they are always amazing 😉 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get Ashley to(at the very least) 100k plllleeeeaaaassssseeee

  6. Love your videos!! While being vegan have you experienced hair thinning or any hair loss? I'm a fairly new vegan (been vegan for 5 months) and I think my hair is beginning to thin. How do you manage to get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins you need? Thanks xx btw you inspire me

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